Mackenzie Standifer Has Another Life Not Shown On ‘Teen Mom OG’: Maci Bookout Knows All About It

Mackenzie Standifer seems to be rubbing people the wrong way on Teen Mom OG. Many people have a hard time accepting her, as she seems to be desperate to marry Ryan Edwards. She also hasn’t said much about his drug use, as she seems to be in denial. On Teen Mom OG, it appears that Mackenzie just wants to get married and just wants to be loved and spoiled by Ryan. That’s interesting considering Ryan has never really shown a caring side on Teen Mom OG. Even when he was with Maci Bookout and had a new baby, he didn’t show that he cared at all.

However, Standifer may have a reason for pushing marriage and commitment on Edwards. Many fans felt that their marriage happened very quickly, especially since Ryan showed no interest in getting married and settling down. Standifer actually has a son, who isn’t featured on the show at all. In other words, fans only get to see one side of her and therefore, her desires could appear desperate. According to a new Instagram post, Mackenzie Standifer is open about her son and his life on her social media account. Recently, she posted a photo of her son cuddling up to his dog. These two important parts of her life are not featured on Teen Mom OG.

As it turns out, Maci Bookout knows that Mackenzie has a son. One can imagine that she was told about Mackenzie’s son when Ryan started dating her. Maci may have questioned whether she had any experience with children as she started spending more time around Bentley. On Ryan Edwards’ Instagram account, Bentley did celebrate Christmas with Mackenzie’s son so it’s possible that Bentley actually knows her son quite a bit. Standifer may keep her son away from the drama because of her son’s biological father. He could have a legal say in whether his son should be filmed for Teen Mom OG. It’s fair that he isn’t on the show if his father doesn’t want him featured.

Mackenzie Standifer is spending more time in front of the cameras. Teen Mom OG fans are not happy with the way she’s taking over Maci’s storyline on the show.

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