Meghan Markle Has A Jewelry Collection That’s Surprisingly Affordable

Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle one stunning engagement ring when he proposed which drove women from all over the globe to their favorite jewelry store clamoring for a similar ring. Unfortunately, the new royal’s engagement ring is one of a kind. However, Ms. Markle has other pieces in her jewelry collection that are just as envy-worthy. The best part is that Meghan Markle fans won’t have to reach too deep into their wallets to get a piece of the future royal’s look.

Jewelry Brands Favored by Meghan Markle

The Evening Standard recently came out with a list of Meghan Markle’s favorite jewelry brands–supposedly. The list includes Zofia, Birks, Natalie Marie, and Missoma.

These brands are allegedly mid-tier jewelry businesses, making most of their pieces slightly more affordable than big jewelry brands. Most jewelry lovers will probably still have to save up a bit for some of Ms. Markle’s jewels, but it is definitely more attainable than her royal engagement ring.

While Zofia, Birks, Natalie Maria, and Missoma may not be her jewelry brands of choice for every event, Ms. Markle has been spotted wearing pieces from each of these jewelry brands quite often. Lately, the soon-to-be Duchess Meghan has been seen adorned in jewelry from Zofia or Birks’ collection.


Just recently, Ms. Markle wore a gold bar-style ring embellished with diamonds across the front from Zofia Day’s collection, reported People. The stackable bar ring is priced at USD $715 on Zofia Day’s official website which isn’t too far out of reach for non-royals. It comes in a few different variants. Interested buyers can choose between a yellow, white, or rose gold band adorned with either white, black, or Cognac diamonds.

Besides the bar-diamond ring, Prince Harry’s bride-to-be also owns a pair of Dash Ear Studs from Zofia. People reported that the former-actress wore the earrings during the photo shoot for her Vanity Fair cover. The earrings come in white, yellow, and rose gold variants. The Dash Ear Studs were reportedly a gift to Ms. Markle from one of her friends. On Zofia’s official website, the studs cost USD $575, so it must have been a very dear friend of the new royal.


It seems like Meghan Markle’s personalized engagement ring from Prince Harry was not the only accessory people had their eyes on during their official engagement announcement. The public also noticed the demure pair of opal earrings the new royal wore during–probably–the happiest announcement of her life. The gold-opal earrings are from Birks. On Mappin and Webb’s site, the Birks earrings are priced at £850 or close to USD $1,170 which is a little steep for the hard-working non-royal but not entirely out of reach.

Ms. Markle chose to wear another stunning pair of Birk earrings during the Queen’s annual Christmas Luncheon, stated US Magazine. The American royal-to-be was spotted wearing Birks’ snow flask drop earrings which cost $5,995 on the Maison Birks website. The snowflake earring may not be that affordable, but its price is significantly lower in price than other jewels seen on any of the other members of the British royal family.

Natalie Marie and Missoma

Prince Harry’s bride-to-be hasn’t been seen adorned in Natalie Marie or Missoma jewelry lately, but Ms. Markle has worn some pieces from these jewelry brands in the past.

According to the Evening Standard, Ms. Markle was regularly adorned in Natalie Marie’s jewelry when she was on Suits. The former TV star was once seen wearing the jeweler’s dotted oval necklace. The delicate, simple accessory is priced at AUD$200 on Natalie Marie’s official website. It comes in yellow, white, and rose gold variants.

Another affordable brand Ms. Markle seems to favor is Missoma. She has been spotted wearing several casual Missoma pieces while shopping in Prince Harry’s country. The Evening Standard even found a selfie in which the new royal was wearing Missoma’s gold bar necklace priced at £115 or about USD $159 on the brand’s official website.

Since Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry was announced, the former Suits actress has become somewhat of a style icon. As a result, the brands that the California-born royal chooses to adorn have become quite popular with the public worldwide.

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