Jenelle Evans Shares Photo Of Daughter And People Call For Cranial Helmet Once Again

Jenelle Evans has been keeping a low profile for months as she felt betrayed by MTV. Jenelle claimed that the MTV producers wanted her to look bad and they tried to give her a dramatic storyline. This included highlighting the drama with David Eason before their wedding and even calling him out for abusive behavior. However, Jenelle may have felt that it helped to delete her social media profiles for a month, as she has been staying away from them for periods at a time. Now, her daughter Ensley has turned one and it sounds like she’s proud of her little girl. But when she shared a photo of her daughter this week, people brought up an old issue.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans‘ daughter is already nearing the age of one and she’s hanging out at the doctor’s office. As it turns out, Evans’ daughter looks happy and healthy but her followers believe that she should still encourage her doctor to explore a cranial helmet. Her daughter’s head appears to be a bit big and misshaped but one can imagine that Jenelle has explored this option with her doctor before. It doesn’t sound like she really needs the helmet, as her doctor would have said something if she did need it.

“She looks like she could use helmet therapy or cranial orthosis. She is a pretty baby. Get her that helmet sooner than later,” one fan wrote to Jenelle.

This isn’t the first time that Jenelle Evans has been encouraged to get a cranial helmet for her daughter. A few months back, Evans shared a photo of her daughter playing with David. The photo showed her daughter in a profile position, revealing that her daughter actually had a cone-shaped head. People freaked out, encouraging Jenelle to get her daughter a helmet. She never addressed these concerns. Of course, many people called her a bad mother for not doing more for her daughter but based on these photos from the doctor’s office, it sounds like her head looks much better. It’s possible that Jenelle has worked with doctors behind the scene to fix her daughter’s cranial structure.

Jenelle Evans is currently enjoying her life and her family in North Carolina. She has threatened to quit Teen Mom 2 before, but she has not followed through with her threats.

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