Scheana Marie Taking Sides In Jax Taylor Cheating Drama Despite Her Own Cheating Story

Scheana Marie may have been involved in one of the biggest cheating scandals in reality television history, as she cheated with Eddie Cibrian when he was a married man. The affair played a role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules for months, but Scheana was able to move on. She got married to Mike Shay, but the two have since divorced. Despite dating again, it sounds like Marie can’t escape the cheating rumors. Scheana was dating a man named Robert Valletta. Despite them not being too serious, she was dealing with cheating rumors.

But Scheana didn’t want to give it any effort or time. Instead of investigating whether these rumors were true, she chose to focus on the other major cheating scandal playing out on Vanderpump Rules. Jax Taylor admitted that he had cheated on Brittany Cartwright with another SUR co-worker, and all of his friends were confused as to why he was ruining his relationship. According to a new tweet, Scheana Marie is now revealing that she is supporting Brittany in this cheating scandal. Marie doesn’t want to deal with the rumors surrounding her and her ex-boyfriend. It’s interesting that she’s deflecting this drama by focusing on the major storyline that has nothing to do with her.

“Our reaction to tonight’s episode I love this babe so much, it’s been a tough tough season for me but all these girls have been so strong and supportive,” Brittany revealed on Instagram yesterday before Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, to which Scheana replied, “I love you boo. I will always have your back!!!”

It sounds like Scheana Marie supports Brittany in this cheating scandal. During Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, the guys went with Jax to understand what had happened, while the girls rallied around Cartwright. She learned that he had talked negatively about her behind her back after sleeping with another woman. Perhaps Scheana felt it was better to support her friend than addressing any cheating rumors about a man she’s not dating anymore. Some fans questioned why Marie kept defending him when he hadn’t addressed the rumors himself. She pointed out that he would defend her if he needed to.

Scheana Marie is currently single and it sounds like she may be focusing on her career. She isn’t spending too much time in Los Angeles where she can support Brittany Cartwright, as she’s currently starring in a show called Sex Tips in Las Vegas. Robert did give her support on social media when she announced the show on social media.

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