Was Kylie Jenner Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate After All? Rumors Intensify

Rumors that Kylie Jenner was the surrogate for Kim Kardashian’s baby have been circulating for months — and those rumors have just gotten even more intense. According to TMZ, Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, welcomed their newest addition — a baby girl — on Monday, January 15. However, fans were quick to pick up on the fact that Kylie Jenner labor rumors had circulated over the weekend. Curious? A bit.

Although a few media outlets have debunked the chatter that Jenner was in labor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Saturday, some people are wondering if she really was in labor — and if she gave birth to the newest member of the Kardashian-West family.

Perhaps what is fueling this rumor the most is the fact that Jenner has never confirmed — or denied — her pregnancy. She and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, supposedly found out that they were expecting after they had been dating for about a month. Jenner’s social media accounts were soon filled with shots of her chest up, as she has been extremely cautious about debuting her baby bump. Jenner has been absent from social media (Instagram and Snapchat) since Christmas, but just about everyone has been curious about her alleged pregnancy — and about her sister’s pregnancy, wondering if the two are related in some more-than-coincidental way.

“Does anyone else think that Kylie will end up being the surrogate that Kim and Kayne used? I think so,” wrote one commenter on TMZ‘s article.

“Well isn’t that sumthin’…. Right after rumors of Kylie being at Cedars Sinai in L.A. — where all the other Kartrashian (sic) sisters gave birth,” wrote another. And the comments didn’t stop there. Tons of people seem to be on board with the whole “Kylie is Kim’s surrogate” thing, now more than ever.

If you are not on board with this theory — and you might be right — the Jenner-Scott baby should be arriving any day now. Technically speaking (if you count nine months from May 2017), Jenner should be due in early February.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out and these rumors are finally able to be put to rest. However, people probably aren’t going to stop talking about this until the Kardashian-Jenner sisters produce photos of two babies. Judging by the way Kylie Jenner has been handling things, we could be waiting a while.

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