Vikings Fans Watching Game Went So Crazy That Apple Watch Thought They Were Having A Heart Attack

The thrilling finish of the Vikings-Saints divisional round playoff game Sunday was literally heart-stopping. When Stefon Diggs caught Case Keenum’s 61-yard Hail Mary throw, the play was so stressful that it literally caused Vikings fans who were wearing an Apple Watch on their wrist to get a warning message that their heart reached a “dangerous level.” What exactly happened?

With less than a minute left in the rollercoaster play off game that would bring the Vikings one game closer to becoming the very first team to play a Super Bowl at their home stadium, Vikings fans were without hope.

According to CBS Sports, Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings watched a healthy 17-point lead disappear, as the New Orleans Saints picked up their game, after a dismal first half for the 2010 Super Bowl champions.

It was now down to a final play by Keenum to Diggs that will forever be called the “Minnesota miracle.” Kennum hit Diggs with the ball and the wide receiver ran for the touchdown. Saints safety Marcus Williams completely missed the tackle. The Vikings won the play off game at U.S. Bank Stadium, 29-24.

As Coach Mike Zimmer led frenzied fans to an animated “Skol” chant, Apple Watch users got a message that they may be having a heart attack. Why did the smartwatch decide this?

Inside the technology of the watch are built-in heart monitors, which allows the watch to measure the user’s heart rate.

As Vikings fans were in their seats prior to the winning play, the Apple Watch considered this an “in-active” period. After the winning play occurred, this caused an irregular spike in the user’s heart rate. This sensor detected that something was seriously wrong with the users heart and sent a message warning the user that something was seriously wrong.

“Apple Watch detected a heart rate that rose above 120 BPM while you appeared to be inactive during the 10-minute period.”

One user tweeted that his Apple Watch let him know about his heart with not one, but two alerts.

On February 4, Super Bowl LII will be held in Minneapolis, at U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are the very first team to get this far into the playoffs in the same year that the Super Bowl is being hosted in their stadium.

The last time Minneapolis hosted was Super Bowl XXVI in 1992, at the Metrodome. The two-year old U.S. Bank stadium was built on the ground of the former domed stadium where both the Minnesota Twins and the Vikings played.

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