Brandi Glanville Confronts Waitress Who Allegedly Had An Affair With Eddie Cibrian

Brandi Glanville confronted a waitress who allegedly had an affair with Eddie Cibrian while the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was still married to the actor. LeAnn Rimes was embroiled in a love triangle with Cibrian before he divorced Glanville and placed a ring on the singer’s finger.

The sit down with Scheana Marie, the 27-year-old waitress was shown on the most recent episode of the Bravo reality show. The meeting with the waitress who allegedly had an affair with Eddie Cibrian was arranged by fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Lisa Vanderpump, according to Radar Online.

Lisa Vanderpump was supposedly motivated by the desire to put the “lingering situation” to rest for Brandi Glanville. During the last season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eddie Cibrain’s ex-wife and Scheana Marie crossed paths in a very uncomfortable scene.

The waitress had this to say to the former Mrs. Cibrian during the fateful meeting:

“I just have so much I need to get off my chest with you.”

The waitress claimed the Eddie Cibrian told her that he was not married. She also alleged that the former Third Watch star bought her jewelry, took her on vacations, and even met her mother while helping her move into a new apartment.

The waitress who allegedly slept with Cibrian began to shed a few tears during the meeting, which appeared to further irritate Glanville. The reality show personality uttered this response to the supposed homewrecker:

“Don’t cry, really. I lost my family. I lost everything that I had. So if anyone’s going to cry here it’s not going to be you. I know that you were f****** my husband, I get that. Look at where you are in your life and I’m in a better place – I win.”

After Brandi Glanville stated that Eddie Cibrian cheated on her with other women during the marriage, she wished the waitress good luck in her future and patted her on the back when departing the restaurant.