‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Bethany Joy Lenz’s Character Revealed, More Details On Jo’s Abusive Husband [Video]

Grey’s Anatomy will return after Winter break on Thursday, January 18 and the fans are getting anxious to find out why Jo’s abusive ex-husband, Paul (Matthew Morrison) came to visit her at the hospital. The biggest shocker will be that he didn’t come alone. He brought his beautiful fiancee, Jenny (Bethany Joy Lenz).

Ever since it came out that One Tree Hill alum Bethany Joy Lenz would appear in a multiple-episode arc, the fans have been speculating about her new role. TV Line confirmed that Lenz’s new role on Grey’s is Paul’s fiancee.

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers state that Paul will have a face to face confrontation with Jo (Camilla Luddington). Just seeing him brought her to her knees and she gasped in fear. Paul called her Brooke, then corrected himself by saying that she is going by Jo nowadays.

Paul asks Jo if there is somewhere they could go to catch up. As you can imagine, poor Jo gasps at the thought of being alone with her creepy ex.

Jo’s worst fear was for Paul to find out where she was and show up to torture her. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers tease that she will be shocked to see her ex and wonder why he’s come to see her.

For a long time, Jo didn’t file for divorce out of fear that he would find out her new name and address. She even broke things off with Alex (Justin Chambers) to protect herself from Paul’s wrath.

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers state that Paul will charm Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and his new fiancee, Jenny shows up.

The biggest question on Grey’s Anatomy fans minds is what Paul and his fiancee want with Jo. And, if Paul is as abusive as Jo claimed, she may not be safe.

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers state that Alex will try to protect Jo from Paul, but it may be difficult. Paul knows how to get under her skin.

Jo and Alex’s relationship will be tested over the next few weeks as she deals with her shady ex and figuring out his real agenda. Let’s hope Jo finds a way out of his clutches so she and Alex can move on with their lives. Perhaps, they will even get married?


Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday’s evenings on ABC.

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