ABC’s ‘Bachelor’ 2018 Spoilers: Episode 4 Takes Arie Luyendyk Jr. To Lake Tahoe For Next Dates [Rumors]

It is finally time for Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his bachelorettes to start traveling on ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season. Spoilers detail that the group will head to Lake Tahoe for Episode 4 and there are a few teasers and rumors swirling for this January 22 show.

Gossip guru Reality Steve has not yet put out his full slate of Bachelor spoilers for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season, but he shared tidbits here and there as filming took place. It looks like Episode 4 will feature two individual dates and one group date for Luyendyk, and additional spoilers will be revealed once ABC releases their press release and new previews emerge.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers had already noted that Seinne Fleming gets an individual date in Lake Tahoe with Arie and she does get the rose. According to the Bach and Bachette Fans forum, Bekah Martinez gets the other individual date with Luyendyk.

Despite the age difference, the sparks have been flying between Arie and Bekah, and it sounds as if that will be the case during this one-on-one as well. Viewers will have to hang tight and wait for more information on this outing of Luyendyk’s to emerge, but Bachelor spoilers hint that Bekah does get the rose.

It sounds as if all of the remaining bachelorettes get to go on dates with Luyendyk during this show, which means that Arie’s group date is another big one with about a dozen ladies included. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if any Bachelor spoilers or rumors have emerged regarding this outing yet either.

When it comes to the eliminations, there is a lot of speculation regarding who will be left without a rose during this show. Thanks to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers regarding Arie’s dates later in the season, and notes spoiler fans have made when breaking down previews for future dates, most of the bachelorettes involved in Episode 4 are known to be safe.

For example, tidbits have already emerged regarding things that come up later in the season for Becca Kufrin, Chelsea Roy, Lauren Burnham, and Kendall Long. Ladies like Marikh Matthias and Jacqueline Trumbull have been spotted in locations that come down the road in Season 22, but women like Jenna Cooper, Caroline Lunny, Maquel Cooper, Brittany Taylor, and Ashley Luebke appear to be on the bubble and most at risk of being eliminated by Arie in Episode 4 at this point.

Will Episode 4, filmed in Lake Tahoe, shake things up for Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his remaining bachelorettes in terms of frontrunners? Stay tuned for additional spoilers heading into the January 22 episode of ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season and brace yourself for the dramatic twists and turns that are still on the way.

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