Eileen Davidson Confession: ‘Y&R’ And ‘Days’ Alum Reveals Her Irrational Phobia, Find Out Her Surprising Fear

Eileen Davidson is one of the most popular soap opera stars. She is best-known for playing Ashley Abbott on The Young And The Restless. She is also a fan favorite on Days Of Our Lives, in which she portrayed several different characters over the years. Two of those include Kristen DiMera and Susan Banks. Speaking to Soap Opera Digest, the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills alum made a confession. She has an irrational phobia and let the world know the one thing that strikes fear into her heart.

Everyone has at least one fear. Sometimes it is understandable, such as heights or snakes. Other times, it can be viewed as a bit irrational. When soap opera stars were asked about their phobias, Eileen Davidson stated that she is afraid of flying. That’s right, the woman that seems so fearless and strong is afraid of airplanes.

“I have a fear of flying, I don’t like being on an airplane. From takeoff to landing, it’s very unsettling to me.”

This is surprising since the Y&R and DOOL alum flies across the country. In her line of work, she sometimes has to get to other cities, states, and even countries in a reasonable amount of time. She could either let her fear control her, or she can take steps to deal with it in the best way possible. Like a true warrior, Eileen Davidson doesn’t let her phobia stop her from living life.

The Young And The Restless and Days Of Our Lives star revealed that she went to great lengths to get over her fear of flying. She doesn’t like anything about airplanes. This includes stepping onto the aircraft, taking off, flying through the air, and even landing. To combat her phobia, the Y&R actress got hypnotized. She said it worked, but it doesn’t last forever. She added that she needs to go for another session soon.

“I once got hypnotized to get over that fear and it actually worked, but it lasts for only so long, then your supposed to get hypnotized again to renew it. I keep meaning to do that.”

The daytime television actress is an incredibly busy woman. In addition to starring on Y&R, she occasionally returns to DOOL. She also made the jump to reality TV when she appeared on Bravo’s The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Fans were amazed at how Davidson was able to do everything. Remember, she just doesn’t have a career, but also has a personal life.

Somehow, she is able to do it all with tremendous energy and a positive attitude. She seems to thrive on having such a full life, too. While being so busy would exhaust and age others, she looks much younger than her years.

She also doesn’t let anything bring her down. As the Inquisitr previously reported, she suffered an injury a few months ago. She posted on Instagram that Florida literally gave her the boot. She was referring to a medical device for her broken toe. She even dealt with that mishap with optimism and humor.

Eileen Davidson’s fear of flying should remind The Young And The Restless and Days Of Our Lives fans that everyone has a phobia. Celebrities are no exception.

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