Kailyn Lowry’s Social Media Mistake Just Made It Easier For Her Haters To Harass Her At Her House

Kailyn Lowry has filmed Teen Mom 2 at her house in Delaware and it has been featured on the show many times when she was married to Javi Marroquin. Despite filming her house from the front, it has been hard for fans to locate the home. However, her address and home details are public records, so people who are familiar with her neighborhood may be able to spot her house. But when one person shared photos of Lowry’s home and backyard on social media, Kailyn made a big mistake. Instead of just ignoring them, Lowry acknowledged the photos and indirectly said that the photos were indeed of her house.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry asked the follower to remove the photos of her backyard. She also asked the follower to stop sharing the photos. On the photos, Lowry’s address was printed. In other words, fans now know where Kailyn lives. If she hadn’t addressed the photos on Twitter, only a fraction of people would have spotted her address. Now that she’s replied to the tweet, all of her followers will be able to find her home in Delaware. While the majority of Teen Mom 2 viewers won’t act on this information, some may show up at her house.

Surely, Kailyn Lowry isn’t happy about her address being leaked, especially since she’s been protective of her life, her house, and her children since she started filming the show. While Lowry hasn’t complained about any awkward instances with fans, Chelsea DeBoer and Jenelle Evans have revealed that people have done some crazy things. For Chelsea, people have shown up at her house and some people even rubbed her belly when she was pregnant with Watson Cole. Jenelle Evans, however, have had troubles with Child Protective Services as viewers have called them because they felt Jenelle’s kids were in danger. Viewers have also shown up at her house, knocking at the door, and calling the police to cause drama in her life. Surely, this is something Lowry doesn’t want in her life.

Kailyn Lowry may need to watch her house to make sure no crazy fans walk onto her property now that her address is been leaked.

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