Mark Sanchez Blasted On Twitter By Ex Kate Upton

Last year didn’t exactly go the way New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez expected and this year hasn’t started out very well either. Kate Upton, Sanchez’s super model ex-girlfriend, insulted him via Twitter during the BCS College Championship Game.

Mark Sanchez and Kate Upton began dating in early 2012 and kept their relationship very private. So private that it was never confirmed whether they were actually dating, only that they were close friends.

Whether they were friends or lovers their relationship ended with hard feelings. During the Alabama beat down of Notre Dame in the Championship Game, Upton tweeted her sympathies to Notre Dame by pointing out how this happened to the Jets “every game.”

While she doesn’t use Mark Sanchez’s name directly, media outlets including Fox Newsare speculating the tweet is pointed at the former USC star.

During the 2012 season Mark Sanchez led the New York Jets to a 6-10 record and was benched for a game by third string quarterback Greg McElroy. A quick look at his ESPN statistics page show 2012 was also his worst season as a starter after four years in the NFL.

Sanchez’s 2012 NFL season will be defined by the play that has been named the “buttfumble,” a play where he ran into the backside of an offensive lineman and fumbled the ball, which was then returned by the defense for a touchdown.

Here is a funny video of that infamous play:

And here is Upton’s remark via Twitter:

Hopefully this tweet won’t define the new year for Mark Sanchez.

Do you think Sanchez deserves all the criticism thrown his way over the last year?

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