‘Gold Rush’ Star Hunter Hoffman Has A Girlfriend, Bri Ramseth, And Is Teaching Her Gold Mining Tricks

Gold Rush fans have long been watching the coming of age story of Hunter Hoffman, not unlike the evolving story of Parker Schnabel, Todd’s nemesis, who grew up on the Discovery Channel show.

Todd Hoffman is quite proud of his son Hunter. The leader of the Hoffman crew has often bragged on Gold Rush that his son is cuter than the “Biebez.” Hunter, who is mining in Colorado, is a third generation gold miner. He has been mining with his dad and with his grandpa Jack since he was quite young.

This season, Hunter has no longer been sitting on the sidelines. Instead, he is learning. He has been actively leading parts of the Hoffman crew to a lot of success, despite some occasional hiccups.

Gold Rush fans may find it hard to believe and some are even sad that young Hunter has had a steady girlfriend for nearly three years. Who is his girlfriend?

According to In Touch Weekly, Hunter’s girlfriend is Bri Ramseth. They observe via her Instagram account that the two have been dating since 2015 when they attended prom together.

Bri has yet to be shown on Gold Rush, despite indications on Instagram that she spent some time on the gold claim. Although there has not been any television footage of her visiting Fairplay, Colorado where the Hoffman crew is mining this season, there is a photo of her in the Rockies.

In addition, there is a picture of Bri posed next to an excavator, all decked out in gold mining gear, at a site that could easily be the Hoffman claim in Colorado. In this particular photo, which she credits Hunter for taking, Bri is obviously proud of her Gold Rush boyfriend.

“Hunter is teaching me how to be as cool as him.”

Bri may express admiration for her gold mining boyfriend, but Hunter recently admitted to Monsters and Critics that this is all a learning process.

“I’m also only 18 and have a lot to learn. The whole thing’s a learning experience for me. In every episode this season I learn and grow way more than the first. So yeah, I’m trying to grow and just step up and get more and more responsibility.”

Despite his extensive experience on a claim and sparring with his dad Todd on some pretty big mining decisions, Hunter has still shown his youth this season.

Last week, the Inquisitr reported on Todd’s son’s mistakes on the episode “Gold Lost.” Gold Rush fans watched Hunter Hoffman mess up his team’s claim as the 18-year-old was too busy texting to notice that the shaker wasn’t turned on, and the plant began to overflow.

On this season of Gold Rush, Hunter has shown he has more gold mining skills than his dad, Todd Hoffman, Hunter has made a few mistakes, but he has owned up to it.

About mid-season, Hunter and some of his young pals were cited by the safety inspectors. The Hoffman crew was fined a hefty $30,000 for violations.

Yet, Hunter impressed the other miners by taking responsibility and declaring he would pay this fee himself. This is an expensive lesson to learn, yet he earned the respect from the rest of the crew.

This millennial understand this is all a learning experience.

“I think throughout the season you all see me come full circle, and come into my own a little bit and see me go through things and learn from them and…yeah.”

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