Joseph Gordon-Levitt Signs Up For ‘Sin City 2, Turns Down ‘Godzilla’ And ‘Guardians’

It appears as though Joseph Gordon-Levitt can’t escape being thrown in as a potential star for every big action film coming out between now and 2014. It’s not a bad place to be in a young actor’s career, but it does create a lot of confusion. Well, we’re here to clear some of those rumors up!

It was reported that Gordon-Levitt might be putting on his best cape crusader costume as Warner Bros. is looking to reboot the Batman series. Although the jury is still out on whether this one will come to fruition, it’s looking more and more likely. Especially now that it’s been confirmed that Joe will not be starring in Guardians of the Galaxy as we reported earlier.

Instead Joseph Gordon-Levitt has decided to join Sin City 2 as Johnny, which is an original film character to the series who is said to appear throughout Sin City’s story lines. His character has been described as “a cocky gambler who disguises a darker mission to destroy his most foul enemy at his best game.” Either way you slice it, Sin City 2 is up and running, and so Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy is forced to look at other prospects. That said, it looks like he went the Frank Miller route instead. According to Deadline, Gordon-Levitt’s role was first offered to Johnny Depp. In addition to saying no to Marvel, Joe also turned down a role in Godzilla as well.

With Gordon-Levitt saying yes to Sin City 2, and no to Marvel, it’s uncertain whether or not Marvel will hold it against him when the Justice League film comes around. It seems like Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the go-to guy as he has proved himself to be both an indie darling and a bankable cash cow in the action world with his success in Looper and The Dark Knight Rises. Technically since Sin City 2 will be over, it seems as though if Marvel really wants Joe as Batman for the Justice League, he’ll probably be free for it.

You can catch Joseph Gordon-Levitt next at Sundance as he’s up to host the awards ceremony. He’ll also be there to promote his directorial debut Don Jon’s Addiction as it makes its debut in Park City, Utah.

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