‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Closes In On Cassandra’s Attacker, Valentin Worries He Can’t Protect Nina

General Hospital spoilers tease that Nina (Michelle Stafford) has reason to be nervous around Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). On Wednesday, January 10, it was revealed that it was actually Nina who injected Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) with her own opioids. The result is that Cassandra is now in a coma, and her henchman, Erich (Darren Dupree Washington), confessed to taking his boss down. She Knows Soaps recaps confirm that Nina went to Anna’s house and found a crazed Cassandra wielding a needle. She rushed to Cassandra and they struggled before Cassandra fell to the floor with the needle in her chest. Valentin (Jason Patrick Stuart) made sure that no trace of Nina remained at the scene so that she would not be arrested.

However, Valentin has clearly underestimated two women: Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) and Anna. First of all, although the case is closed since Erich confessed, Jordan still has some lingering questions. She confronted Valentin and asked him why he rushed to see Erich after he was arrested. She also told Finn that Cassandra’s laptop is missing. Later, Valentin makes sure to tell Anna that he thinks Finn (Michael Easton) put Cassandra into a coma. He needs to ensure that his wife stays safe. Nina is terrified that she will end up in a mental institution again. General Hospital spoilers state that Anna may start having questions of her own very soon.

The problem with not committing a crime is that you’ll never know the finer details. General Hospital spoilers, via Soap Opera Spy, indicate that Anna will become suspicious once she realizes that Erich can’t keep his story straight. If Anna learns that Valentin rushed to see Erich after his arrest, she could question why he wanted to see him so quickly. There is also a good possibility that Finn might tell her that Cassandra’s laptop is missing. Anna knows that only she and Valentin cleaned up the scene before rushing Finn to the hospital, leading to the genuine possibility on Valentin’s back that he took the laptop.

Of course, Valentin had his own agenda with taking the laptop. Cassandra had a picture of Claudette Beaulieu (Bree Williamson) on her computer. He needed to erase all the dirt she had on the laptop before authorities found it. Will Valentin succeed in keeping Nina and himself safe? Or can he talk Anna into not revealing the truth once she finds out that Nina actually put Cassandra in a coma?

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