‘Dragon Ball Super’ Gives Goku Another Stellar Technique In The Tournament Of Power

Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power is now in its final blow with two universes remaining, fighting to avoid the Omni-King’s obliteration. All fans have been anxious to see Goku and Jiren’s rematch after their first climactic battle during the anime’s one-hour TV special in October 2017. Now, the anime has finally put the two powerful warriors in the spotlight as they faced off when the anime returned last weekend bringing its 123rd episode. What’s more was when the Saiyan warrior showed another yet splendid technique that somehow put Jiren off during their battle.

Goku managed to confuse Jiren during their battle in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 when the hero tried shafting around while planting small ki blasts into the battle arena’s ground. Apparently, the muscular humanoid fighter noticed the Saiyan’s movements that look like he had plans. Jiren moved forward that set off the blasts around him, but he managed to steer clear of these.

Goku was still hopeful and did it once more and finally got the upper hand on the strongest Pride Trooper. When Goku noticed that Jiren looked unscathed after a series of ki blasts, the Saiyan warrior stole Krillin’s signature technique known as the Destructo Disc or the Energy Circle Slash.

The Destructo Disc is a razor-sharp disc of Ki, one of Krillin’s most powerful techniques that can slice almost anything. Goku used it on Jiren, but Dragon Ball Super proved once again that the muscular humanoid warrior is no pushover by catching the disc and threw it back, which impressed the Zen-Oh. However, the hero did not lose hope when he tried to create a ploy by using the Destructo Disc Hex Blade on the Universe 11 fighter. As what Comic Book points out, it was a cool technique in an attempt to trick the U11 warrior.

Jiren appeared to get knocked off the arena, but he managed to jump back. There, he started attacking Goku once again with his more powerful beam that put Goku off. Belmod, Universe 11’s God of Destruction, said that the beam is the muscular humanoid warrior’s real power. However, for Jiren, it was just an ordinary punch although it almost knocked Goku down.

Dragon Ball Super‘s Tournament of Power is now down to its final seven minutes.

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