Carrie Underwood Divorce Rumors Surface After Face Injury, And Fans Are Angry

Carrie Underwood has been laying low since she fell on the stairs in front of her house and needed 50 stitches in her face back in November. The country star has been busy promoting her new NFL pump-up song called “The Champion,” but she hasn’t shared any photos of herself on social media.

A couple of weeks ago, Underwood wrote a blog post, letting her fans know that her face might look a bit different after her accident. She explained that she has been taking some time to heal, both physically and emotionally, and has not been feeling up to share any pictures of herself online. Additionally, Underwood hasn’t made any official public appearances since her fall.

Now, to make matters worse, rumors that Underwood’s marriage is unraveling have surfaced. Some people were quick to attack Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, after he posted a photo from this weekend’s ATA Trade Show. At least one social media user called out Fisher for going out with his boys and spending a day away from his wife.

“Maybe the stories are right! You’re not to (sic) interested in your wife’s health and your marriage is on the rocks,” wrote one Instagram user. Underwood and Fisher fans were quick to defend the couple, saying that the rumors were simply “made up” by the tabloids and that they don’t believe that there’s any truth to them. Underwood has been recovering at home, but she does seem to be feeling a bit better these days, even if she’s not ready to upload a post-accident selfie.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher haven’t been victims of divorce rumors in years. Although they are both in the public eye, they somehow manage to keep themselves out of the tabloids — for the most part. Now that there’s a ton of curiosity surrounding Underwood’s accident and her possibly changed face, there is additional attention on her personal life — and on her marriage.

However, there hasn’t been any evidence of trouble in paradise for Underwood and Fisher. Additionally, neither Underwood or Fisher have addressed these rumors. Fisher has been a great support system for his wife, and she has been so grateful for him during this trying time. Underwood even tweeted about it shortly after her fall.

Fans have been sending warm messages to Underwood, hoping that she is healing and that she starts to feel more comfortable with the way she looks.

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