Perez Hilton Breaks Down In Tears, Says He Is Addicted To Social Networks And Work

Yesterday Perez Hilton shared that he had an addiction, but didn’t really go into details. Today, the writer went to his Facebook page to share with the fans exactly what is going on. Today Perez shared a video on YouTube that talks about what is going on with his life. In this 20 minute video, he revealed a lot.

Perez explains that he is thanking everyone for watching this video. Yesterday, he said he was an addict, but didn’t explain the details so now he is doing that for his fans. He reveals that he can’t tell everything because it isn’t all his story to tell. One thing going on with him is that he is battling anxiety really bad. This week has been rough for him. He shared that someone close to him is very sick and that he also had to fire someone recently. He even admits to making a parenting mistake this week and that maybe he was a bit too honest with his young children.

Perez Hilton is now saying that he is a workaholic and is very addicted to work and social media. He even admits it is impacting his life negatively and that he needs to make changes. Perez says he felt like he needed to become a full-time dad, but now he sees that he doesn’t have to do that at all. He even said that his lawyer suggested that he go to a therapist, but this idea gave him anxiety.

He realizes that with videos, his Podcast, his website and more he is just working non-stop. Perez even used to read every single tweet sent to him and would even like them at all. You just can’t keep up with all of that. He also did this a lot on Instagram and Facebook, but now he plans to change that and get some of his time back. Perez never unplugs and that needs to change for him. He still loves his job, but he is going to end up changing a few things. It will be interesting to see how this all changes.

The fans are a bit shocked by what Perez Hilton had to say today, but they will have to wait and see how this ends up affecting his work. For now, Perez may be taking a bit of a break.

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