Scott Disick: Kourtney Kardashian Allegedly Unhappy About His New Reality Show Amid Sofia Richie Relationship

Scott Disick and his best pal Tyga are said to be pitching a reality show that will document their wild lifestyle, from partying and traveling the world together, it’s been alleged.

Supposedly, the duo has tried to pitch the reality show format in the past but networks weren’t convinced that viewers would tune in, so the idea was canned with Scott stepping away from the thought of appearing in his own show.

Now that Tyga and Scott are constantly making headlines for their personal lives, and with Disick now in a committed relationship with Sofia Richie, Hollywood Life claims that network bosses are considering the thought of giving the series a shot.

Should the format still remain the same, with Tyga and Scott Disick clubbing all over the world, it would be an interesting twist to see how the socialite will balance the chaotic partying scene while remaining faithful to Richie, it’s been added.

Furthermore, Scott has never made it a secret that is a sex addict, having proclaimed himself as one last year on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Taking that into consideration, network execs seem to think that there’s a strong enough storyline for the duo to land their own reality show — even if it’s just for one series — because the chaos they would get in would be entertaining.

It was just earlier this week when reports claimed that Kourtney Kardashian allegedly wanted Scott Disick to abstain from being friends with Tyga, who happens to be Kylie’s ex-boyfriend.

The mother of three feels it’s a conflict of interest and would evidently make things awkward between Tyga and Kylie is Scott is still attached to the 34-year-old, especially now that Jenner is gearing up to welcome her first child into the world.

Again, insiders think that there’s another storyline from that which viewers would be interested in seeing, however, it remains until which network has shown interest in picking up the series for a full run.

Scott is alleged to have told family and friends that he’s fully committed to being Sofia Richie, who has supposedly changed his life for the better.

Should the show get picked up, fans would be keen to see how Scott handles the pressure of clubbing and staying faithful to Sofia while keeping Kourtney happy with her demands.

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