Duggar Family Shows Off Photos In Australia, Reportedly Got A Ticket For Running A Red Light

The Duggar family headed Down Under for a speaking engagement at an Australian church that follows similar principles to the Duggar family. They are also speaking in New Zealand to help spread their version of the word of God. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, the parents of the mega clan, decided to take all of their unmarried children apart from John David. Instead, Josiah’s “friend,” Lauren Swanson, went with them, which has courtship rumors swirling.

After speaking in the church, the family handed out religious books and signed a card, which Josiah and Lauren signed jointly as “Josiah and Lauren,” which fueled the rumors.

The family recently shared photos of the children in Australia at what appears to be some kind of nature reserve or zoo. Fans marvelled at how much the children had grown, and some even asked for the family to put the children’s names in each photo so that they could tell who was who as the grow so fast.

The Duggar children were dressed appropriately for the warm Australian weather, in t-shirts and sandals, as many critics of the family were worried that they had inappropriately dressed their children in coats for their trip Down Under where it is currently summer time.





The Facebook page, Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, which is known for their criticism of the Duggar family, shared that the mega-clan also received a “very expensive” ticket for running a red light while traveling to their destination in Australia. While the family has not commented on this, long-time viewers of 19 Kids and Counting will remember that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar both took a stab at driving on the opposite side of the road when the family visited the United Kingdom. Not only that, but both husband and wife attempted it in busy London traffic.

It is not clear who was driving the car that earned the family the expensive ticket, but it could have been one of the Duggar family members also having a go at driving on the opposite side of the road.

The family just arrived for their trip rather recently and have a few days of fun to go.

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