‘Alaskan Bush People’: Continued Rumors That Ami Brown ‘Faked’ Cancer Diagnosis For Show Once Again Addressed

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown continues to be accused of faking her late-stage lung cancer diagnosis for the show, and the accusations have once again been addressed. The 54-year-old Brown family matriarch has been publicly battling stage 4 lung cancer for going on a year now and recently received news that her lungs were clear of cancer cells. Fans of the Brown family’s long-running Discovery Channel reality TV series watched Ami Brown receive the good news during the Christmas special that aired last month and has since wondered if the once dire late-stage lung cancer diagnosis was all part of the show’s plot.

The ratings for last season of Alaskan Bush People were up, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, as fans tuned in to find out updates on the health of Ami Brown. During Season 7, that premiered back in June of 2017, viewers of the show found out that Ami Brown had been diagnosed with what was first to be believed stage 3 lung cancer, that later reportedly progressed to stage 4. Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis took all nine members of the Brown family out of the Alaskan Bush in a move to southern California for what was being called aggressive cancer treatment. The move back to the lower 48 states came after rumors had been swirling for months that the Brown family didn’t really live on their Browntown homestead as true bush people in the Alaskan Bush.


Looper actually published the “untold truth” about the Brown family, saying that, while Alaskan Bush People is about “struggling to live off the land” in the Alaskan Bush, the Browns reportedly lived “in style” and used technology when they weren’t filming new episodes. Those rumors were allegedly started by residents in Alaska who watched the “coming and going” of the Brown family from a hotel near Chichagof Island, which is where the Browntown set had been constructed. The lengthy article on Looper goes on to say that the Brown family was probably going to have to leave the Alaskan Bush, anyway, due to mom Ami Brown’s ailing health from what she originally thought was “arthritis in her neck.”

The Browns move “closer to hospitals” came sooner than what they thought after Ami Brown’s arthritis was later diagnosed as stage 3 lung cancer. Not many official updates on Ami Brown’s health were given by members of the Brown family or from the Discovery Channel after Alaskan Bush People fans found out about her cancer diagnosis, and not much new footage was aired during Season 7. However, fans continued to tune in every Wednesday night, hoping for an update. Fans also followed the few members of the Brown family who are active on social media, as well as fan and non-fan social media pages and groups, waiting to find out how Ami Brown was doing and offering support and prayers for healing.

The Brown family and Alaskan Bush People had gained some positive attention again after falling out of the spotlight due to continued reports of fraud and fakery. However, after Ami Brown was shockingly cleared of lung cancer last month during the Christmas episode, rumors that the show is scripted again began to surface. Stage 4 lung cancer is not an easy disease to overcome, and fans were understandably confused, albeit still happy, to hear that Ami Brown received the “Christmas miracle” of being declared cancer-free. Radar Online shared that Ami Brown had “got through it,” even though, she was “pretty sick.”


The Inquisitr also previously reported that fans of Alaskan Bush People were beginning “to think that Ami was faking her illness.” Fans were also wondering if Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis had been written into Season 7 as a way to gain viewership and get the Brown family out of the Alaskan Bush for a new start in the lower 48 states. In Touch Weekly shared on Saturday that fans are continuing to wonder if Ami Brown was “really sick” and cited an Alaskan Bush People non-fan page as “setting the record straight” — again. Twice now, the non-fan page has addressed the rumors that Ami Brown and the rest of the Brown family had “lied about” or had “faked” the late-stage lung cancer diagnosis.

Despite how the 2017 Christmas special episode of Alaskan Bush People made it appear, Ami Brown reportedly did have lung cancer and was not miraculously cured of it, per the non-fan Facebook page, according to In Touch Weekly. The short update on Ami Brown on Saturday goes on to say that her lung cancer is “officially in remission,” and her ongoing rounds of chemotherapy are reportedly over. Ami Brown is reportedly still going to have to be closely “monitored by her doctors,” and the lung cancer cells could return at any time during the remainder of her life. This new update comes after the first update last month from the same non-fan Facebook page that said that Ami Brown had suffered a setback after Thanksgiving, which was also after the Alaskan Bush People Christmas special was filmed, according to another report on In Touch Weekly.

Some members of the Brown family reportedly continue to live in southern California with mom Ami Brown as she tries to recover from cancer treatment, including Billy and Ami Brown’s youngest child, Rain. Rain Brown, 15, is very active on her Instagram account and often shares her mission to #stayhealthy by eating clean and working out.

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