Queen Elizabeth Strips Seal Of Approval From Bra Fitter After Royal Faux Pas

Queen Elizabeth has removed the Royal Seal of Approval, or Royal Warrant, from the luxury lingerie company Rigby & Peller after owner and former royal bra fitter June Kenton spilled some tea about her trips to Buckingham Palace in her new autobiography Storm In A D-Cup. June Kenton broke the biggest rule of having a Royal Warrant, and that’s not to talk about your interactions with Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family, especially mentions of them in their underwear.

First Rule Of Working With Queen Elizabeth Is Not Writing About Queen Elizabeth

Generally, employees of Queen Elizabeth understand that if you talk about your time on the job to the press, and especially about Queen Elizabeth, you’re fired, but several former employees have spoken out and written books after they have moved on. Chef Darren McGrady, the former chef to Queen Elizabeth, shared some funny stories about the eating habits of the royal family over the years.

One of his best stories was about Prince Philip (husband of Queen Elizabeth) who would sometimes pop into the kitchen for a bite to eat. Prince Philip is known for dressing down, and Chef McGrady confused him for the help at Sandringham.

“He came into the kitchen and I thought he was the gardener. He was this old man in tatty old clothes, he had a jumper on with the arms hanging out at the elbows—all tattered and worn. I looked and thought, ‘Oh, it’s the gardener.’ It was only after I looked closely that I saw it was Prince Philip.”

Rigby & Peller Is Shocked That Queen Elizabeth Pulled Their Royal Warrant

But now, mention of Queen Elizabeth in reference to bra fitting has caused June Kenton and Rigby & Peller to lose their royal warrant, says Town & Country. Kenton talked about her time as the official “corsetiere” to Queen Elizabeth and female family members since the seventies. Kenton says that her book was about her life and experiences, and not about Queen Elizabeth. Keaton says she’s disappointed about the loss of the Royal Warrant and the support of Queen Elizabeth (Rigby & Peller has had their royal warrant for 57 years).

“I’m very sad Buckingham Palace took exception to the story—it’s a kind and gentle story about what went on in my life.”

Kenton says that she wrote about conversations with the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, and stories about Princess Diana and Princess Margaret, but never spoke about anything to do with anything intimate. Kenton said that she thought all of her stories about Queen Elizabeth and other royals were touching and not scandalous.

“I only ever said I went there, not what happened. I have never, ever spoken about what I do there with her, or the Queen Mother or Princess Margaret. I think it’s unbelievable. It’s just upsetting at the end of my life, but what can I do. I can’t fight with Buckingham Palace and I wouldn’t want to, but it’s hard.”

Kenton Wrote About Measuring Queen Elizabeth For A Bra In Front Of Her Corgis

But it’s not true that June Kenton of Rigby & Peller didn’t talk about measuring Queen Elizabeth and other royals in her book, says This Week. In her book, Kenton wrote about “measuring the half-dressed monarch in front of her corgis.” Any suggestion that Queen Elizabeth was in a room without her top was a royal no-no.

June Kenton did the morning chat show tour and said with a straight face that she really didn’t think writing a book which including measuring Queen Elizabeth for bras would cost her the Royal Warrant.

“I never ever thought when I was writing the book that it would upset anyone. I’ve had the royal warrant for so long I never imagined that this would happen.”

Sky News included a statement from Rigby & Peller that confirms that they no longer have a Royal Warrant, and must remove the Royal Seal from their windows, merchandise, and website.

“The Royal Household Warrants Committee has decided to cancel the royal warrant granted to Rigby & Peller and Mrs. June Kenton. Rigby & Peller is deeply saddened by this decision and is not able to elaborate further on the cancellation out of respect for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Warrant Holders Association.”

Rigby & Peller said that they will continue to serve their customers despite the loss of the Royal Warrant.

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