‘Saturday Night Live’ Host Sam Rockwell Drops F-Bomb On Live TV, Viewers Tie It To Trump’s White House

Sam Rockwell made a major flub during his debut as a host on Saturday Night Live. The actor, who recently won a Golden Globe Award for his role in the film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, was a first-time host on this week’s SNL alongside musical guest, Halsey.

During a live sketch on the NBC late night comedy show, Sam Rockwell went off script and dropped the F-bomb, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter. During a sketch titled “Science Room,” Rockwell played the host of a PBS Kids show who became frustrated with the children’s incorrect answers to simple science questions. When one of the “kids” answered a question about oil and water in a true or false format, Sam Rockwell then blurted out, “This isn’t a true or false …you can’t be this f*cking stupid!”

San Rockwell immediately realized his live TV faux pas and covered his mouth with his hand while his co-stars in the sketch, Mikey Day and Cecily Strong, covered their ears in horror.

The FCC-banned curse word played out live for Saturday Night Live’s East Coast viewers but was edited out for the West Coast broadcast. You can see Sam Rockwell’s SNL flub below. Warning: The expletive is not bleeped out in the video below.

Sam Rockwell was not the only Saturday Night Live actor to drop a curse word on this week’s live episode. During the show’s popular “Weekend Update” segment, SNL regulars Colin Jost and Michael Che both said “sh*thole” while covering Donald Trump’s latest White House controversy.

Many viewers had strong opinions about this week’s expletive-filled Saturday Night Live episode. Social media was flooded with comments about Rockwell’s slip-up, with some offering praise to the actor for not holding back in the wake of Donald’s Trump’s rocky White House week. Many others said Rockwell’s flub was small potatoes compared to the real-life news kids have been exposed to during Trump’s presidency.

While Sam Rockwell’s F-bomb seems to be taking on new meaning, Saturday Night Live has dealt with the hazards of live TV in the past. According to Deadline, the long-running, late-night show’s first brush with the F-word came way back in 1980 when guest Paul Schaeffer was supposed to say “flogging” during a sketch about a medieval band rehearsing a song but said the forbidden F-word instead. Other SNL guests who’ve dropped the F-bomb during the live NBC comedy show include Jenny Slate, Samuel L. Jackson, and Kristen Stewart.

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