Samsung Reportedly Gave CES VIPs A Private Viewing Of Their 7.3-Inch Foldable Phone

Reports suggest a Samsung foldable phone has finally been made. The South Korean tech giant reportedly chose a private VIP viewing for their latest device during the 2018 Consumers Electronics Show. The annual event was held in Las Vegas from January 10 to 12.

Rumors about a foldable phone in development have been around for years. As reported by XDA, Samsung might have succeeded in overcoming the challenges of creating the device. The new device from Samsung is rumored to have a 7.3-inch OLED display. The device is said to have a 0.1-mm inward curvature and a 0.5-mm outward curvature.

Reports also suggest that it took Samsung longer to figure out how to bend the display outward compared to engineering the technology behind inward bending. The company’s division in charge of panel production, Samsung Display, had to test the device by bending it several times a day. The foldable phone from Samsung is said to be capable of withstanding 200,000 folds. Given the leaked specifications of the prototype from Samsung, it seems like the OLED device will be so thin it will feel like the user is folding paper.

Samsung has been the leader in producing OLED panels with the highest quality. The South Korean company has perfected the technology, and it continues to dominate the market. Given the capabilities of the company’s panel-producing division, Apple chose Samsung to be its supplier of OLED panels for their newest device, the iPhone X. The iPhone X is the first device from Apple to feature the OLED panel, and there were reports that Samsung stands to earn a lot of money from iPhone X sales since they supplied one of the major parts of the device.

When it comes to technology and innovation, Samsung has a history of breaking the mold. With these new reports, it wouldn’t be impossible for the company to produce a foldable OLED phone prototype with the aforementioned specs.

Foldable devices took the spotlight during the 2018 CES. ZTE unveiled the ZTE Axon M -a foldable smartphone they promised a year ago. LG also wowed the crowd with a TV that can be folded like paper. Aside from the Samsung foldable phone, additional details about the next flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy 9, also went public.

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