Omarosa, Donald Trump Had Sexual Relationship, Reality TV Star Claudia Jordan Alleges

Reality TV star Claudia Jordan claims Omarosa Manigault had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump before she was ousted from his White House.

Jordan, who has starred on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and the Real Housewives of Atlanta, has had a running feud with Manigault that dates all the way back to 2013, when she was allegedly punched by Omarosa’s mom for cursing at her on the red carpet at the BET Awards.

Jordan took things to a whole new level when during a recent podcast of The Unstabled, she accused her longtime nemesis of having a sexual relationship with Trump.

“Allegedly, I have a friend of a friend of hers that — there is some talk that there may have been some inappropriateness between the two…allegedly,” she said.

Jordan later added the news comes as a complete surprise to her given what Trump use to say to her about Manigault’s looks.

“How can I say this without everybody hating me? He’s more of a house Negro type of Black woman,” she said.

Manigault was recently shown the door at the White House, where she was the most senior African-American staffer in the Trump administration.

On paper, Manigault was tasked with handling outreach to the black community.

According to ABC News, almost from the very start Manigault only proved good at alienating those with whom she was supposed to cultivate relationships.

“There was nothing on substance that she would add,” said Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.), a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. “There was nothing she could deliver other than photo ops. Clearly no one really knew what she was doing in the first place.”

Sources added Manigault ruined almost any chance she had of making the relationship work when she cursed and berated members of the Congressional Black Congress early in the relationship at a meeting she helped broker.

By the time CBC officials were scheduled to meet with Trump in June, they seemingly had already had enough, declining the meeting and expressing beliefs their concerns “fell on deaf ears.”

CBC members are already on record in asserting they were also offended by Manigault referring to herself as “the Honorable Omarosa Manigault” in the invite for the meeting.

Manigault was ultimately shown the door by John Kelley, soon after he took over as the new chief of staff.

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