CES 2018 Showcases High-End Smart Gadgets For Pets

The lives of dogs, cats, and other pet animals are about to get “smart” thanks to the introduction of a wide variety of high-end gadgets made especially for them. The Consumer Electronics Show held in Vegas this week showcased a plethora of smart devices designed to improve the lives of pet animals, as previously reported by Phys.org. Moreover, these high-tech devices will allow humans to actively engage with their four-legged friends.

Here are some of the best pet gadgets that were given the spotlight in the recently-concluded gadget fest.

The First Weight-Monitoring Bed For Pets

U.S.-based Petrics was on hand to present the first weight-monitoring bed for pets, the Smart Pet Bed. This gadget allows pet owners to keep track of their pet’s weight. Moreover, it monitors the sleeping habits and physical activity of their pets, not to mention that it allows pet owners to adjust the bed to make it warmer or cooler. To top it off, it comes with a Petrics Activity Tracker which people can sync with their phone in order to monitor their pets’ activity levels.

The Smart Dog Collar

The popular gadget-centric event also saw the launch of Wagz’s Connected Home for Dogs Pet Line this week, introducing a bevy of high tech devices that will allow humans to stay connected with their pet animals in a variety of ways, such as being able to deliver their food according to a fixed schedule and being able to walk their dogs with an “invisible” leash.

Play With Your Pet Remotely

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Pebby made quite a big impression on pet lovers at CES by introducing “the most advanced smart ball.” Using a smart collar and ball system, Pebby allows humans to monitor and play with their pet from anywhere using their smartphone. It also has an Auto-Play function, which enables the smart ball to entertain dogs or cats even while their humans are busy at work.

‘Lost’ Posters Are A Thing Of The Past

One of the most impressive smart gadgets introduced at CES was Whistle, a smart device equipped with GPS and mobile tracking features that allow humans to keep tabs of their pet’s location and activity levels wherever they are. Boasting nationwide coverage, Whistle can locate pets anywhere in the U.S. What’s more, humans can set up custom “safe zones” around their home so that the app can send them alerts once their pets go out of bounds. Instead of asking around for their pets’ location, humans can simply use the app to pinpoint where their furry friends have gone.

Other notable smart devices for pets introduced at CES include Petcube, a user-friendly camera that allows humans to chat with their pets real-time; Litter-Robot, an automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats; and CWD, the first smart saddle designed for riding horses.

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