Jackson Roloff Is Eight Months Old, Mom Tori Shares More Baby Milestones

Baby Jackson Kyle Roloff just turned 8 months old and his proud parents, led by mom Tori, took to social media to commemorate the event. Tori posted some outtakes and the finished product from their traditional photo shoot, which they started when Jackson turned a month old.

Tori also detailed some of the milestones Jackson has accomplished in the past month, which the 26-year-old reality star described as her favorite so far.

“This stage is hands down my favorite (so far),” Tori wrote on her post. “He’s happy and smiley all the time and I fall more in love with him every. Single. Day.”

The first thing that Tori put on Jackson’s latest list of milestones also happens to be a first for her and Zach.

This past holiday season was Jackson’s first Christmas and New Year celebrations. It was also Tori and Zach’s first as parents. Christmas was an eventful one for the entire Roloff family. The Little People, Big World cast came together for a number of holiday gatherings last month. Zach, Tori, and Jackson, as well as Jeremy, Audrey, and Ember Jean, joined Amy and her boyfriend Chris Marek as they looked for a Christmas tree. Also with them were Molly Jo and her husband Joel Silvius. A few days later, the group, sans Amy, Chris, Molly, and Joel, went back to Christmas Mountain Choose and Cut for their own Christmas-tree hunting trip.

Jackson and his parents spent Christmas Day with Grandpa Matt, his girlfriend Caryn Chandler, and other members of the Roloff family, reported In Touch Weekly. Amy, meanwhile, spent Christmas with Chris. This came after the whole family celebrated Thanksgiving Day with Amy while Matt was on vacation.

As for their first New Year’s Eve celebration as a trio, the young family decided to celebrate it in a rather quiet way. Tori said she, Zach, and baby Jackson slept through the New Year’s Eve festivities.

Jackson can also now sit up on his own. Tori previously shared a photo of the family with Jackson sitting in front of the couple. Jackson can also be seen sitting up on his own in a video Tori posted on Instagram, as In Touch Weekly reported. Jackson’s latest milestone lasts for only 20 seconds though or even earlier if Jackson gets distracted by something else, usually by his parents’ feet.

Aside from sitting up, Jackson is also crawling. Tori joked that Jackson may also just be scooting “depending on how you look at it.”

Grandpa Matt shared the video below on social media showing a determined Jackson crawling to reach for his toy.

Maybe because Jackson can do a lot more activities now that the young Roloff gets tired a little bit more. That may be the reason why Jackson is still a “professional” at sleeping, as Tori related. Aside from that, Jackson is also big on eating.

“We LOVE eating,” Tori stressed.

Jackson is likely eating a lot more kinds of food now that he has more teeth. As Tori noted in her post, Jackson now has four teeth.

Finally, Tori said that Jackson talks more often now.

“Jackson says ‘dada’ on a regular basis but moms [sic] not counting it until he figures out what he’s actually saying,” Tori said.

“We love you Baby J. You make our world brighter every day.”

Tori ended her cute and heart-warming post with a postscript, “Ps. You’re new ‘squishy face’ melts me daily.”

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