Paris Jackson Reportedly Robbed By Hitchhikers In Los Angeles

Paris Jackson was only trying to help a pair of hitchhikers in Los Angeles when she was reportedly robbed by them. Michael Jackson’s daughter took to Instagram to vent her frustrations in an expletive-filled rant she recorded and shared with her 2.5 million followers.

Radar Online reports that Paris Jackson shared her terrifying ordeal with her fans about her encounter with the hitchhikers. She said it started with her offering one girl her own socks and fed her and a friend dinner at a fast food restaurant. Apparently, they weren’t very appreciative because Paris says they secretly made off with her debit card.

Paris said the one girl was “pretty f**ked up,” continuing in her profanity-laced rant that she went out of her way to give the hitchhikers a ride across L.A., doing her “very, very best to be the greatest Uber driver ever” despite not being an Uber driver at all. It was beyond her comprehension how the crooks would steal from her after she was being a good Samaritan.

As the report notes, friends and family are said to be concerned about Paris Jackson leaning toward a hippy lifestyle. They say she’s backpacking alone around foreign countries and is allegedly “going off the rails,” sources claim. Not long ago, she backpacked through France as part of a “soul-searching” journey. She was seen meeting strange people and smoking cigarettes. Those close to Jackson are reportedly “terrified.”

Instagram posts by Paris show her hippy-like tendencies with her Boho-chic style. Speaking of her own unique look, Revelist reports that the 19-year-old isn’t impressing anyone too much with her Vogue Brazil cover. The reason is supposedly her “dirty hair” and how it lacks the usually made up look a celebrity has when appearing on the cover of Vogue.

An image of a roadside is the latest post on Paris’ Instagram account and it has no caption. The road may represent where she realized she was robbed by the hitchhikers.

It’s unclear if Paris Jackson reported the alleged robbery to authorities following the traumatic encounter. Luckily, she didn’t pick up someone who threatened her life. If her family and friends are truly worried about her, they might be alarmed today upon learning she was taken advantage of by people she was trying to help.

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