New Smart TV Unveiled By Samsung At CES 2013

A brand new smart TV developed by the brains at Samsung was unveiled at CES 2013 this week in Las Vegas.

The people packed inside the Mandalay Bay ballroom on Monday were able to see the television in all its glory for the very first time. According to Yahoo! News, Samsung America president Tim Baxter described the TV as “almost human.”

The company is banking on the F8000 LED television becoming its signature offering for those looking for a new way to experience TV. In addition to changing channels and controlling functions with simple hand gestures, Baxter demonstrated that the F8000 can understand voice commands.

The new smart TV unveiled at CES 2013 also has the ability to recommend shows based on what you’ve watched in the past and when you’ve watched it. If you’re the sort of individual who only watches TV during primetime hours, chances are the F8000 will make suggests based on that time frame.

Samsung is also looking to release viewing glasses that will allow TV fanatics to watch two shows at once. While one show is taking place on the television screen, another can be watched in high-definition through the glasses. Audio will be sent to a pair of earbuds built into the device itself.

The Denver Post explains that you don’t have to purchase the F8000 to enjoy some of the new features the smart TV has to offer. The company will also offer customers the Samsung Evolution Kit. The device, described as a “brain transplant,” easily snaps into the back of older Samsung TVs to provide additional features.

The company also unveiled a 55 inch OLED TV and an 85 inch “Ultra HD” TV that features four times the number of pixels currently offered by other top-of-the-line LED sets.

You can check out video from the company’s press conference below.

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