‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: January 17 To Be A Standalone Episode About Ava, Nathan Varni Explains Why

General Hospital spoilers tease January 17 will be a day when the world stops to focus on Ava Jerome (Maura West). While Ava undergoes her surgery, the ABC soap will air an episode dedicated to her. Nathan Varni revealed the interesting episode proposed by General Hospital co-head writers Chris Van Etten and Shelly Altman. According to him, he found it interesting to create an episode dedicated solely to Ava and her past.

Varni explains that viewers will have a break from the numerous storylines in General Hospital on the 17th. He also praised Maura West for being capable of pulling off “something like this.” The story behind Ava’s standalone episode will not necessarily be a tale of redemption, but it will show just what Ava needs to deal with.

Ava did a lot of wrongdoings in her life, and spoilers tease everything will start to sink in after her anesthesia. As for what makes this episode special, Varni teased it will be exciting.

“Anything and anybody can show up in this special episode.”

Dan O’Connor penned this special General Hospital episode. The same writer came up with the Luke flashbacks. According to Varni scenes were shot just before Christmas, and “Maura kicks it out of the park.” The said episode is not exactly something just for fans who love Ava, as Varni reveals this episode is special even if you hate Ava.

In his statement to Soap Opera Digest, Varni teased that this episode will also take a closer look at the relationship between Griffin and Ava. Grava seems to be an unlikely love team, but General Hospital decided the bad girl and the former priest deserve a shot at love.

Ava is guilty of tampering Morgan’s meds, and she eventually ended up in a fire. Right after the accident, she struggled to survive, and thanks to the support of the people around her, she bounced back. While healing from her burns, Griffin was right beside her. They developed feelings for each other.

While the storyline somehow makes sense, Varni teased that General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini and the writers discussed the need to show what Griffin saw in Ava. The show will feature a peek into Griffin’s thoughts about her.

Varni clarified that the special General Hospital episode will not change the relationship between Griffin and Ava in any way. However, it will put Griffin in the spotlight too, and the same goes for his unlikely choice to be with Ava. General Hospital spoilers for the weeks ahead hint that Grava will continue to struggle with their relationship but the standalone episode will reveal what is going on in Griffin’s head.

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