Scary Movies: Five Highly-Rated Movies On Hulu To Scare You Witless — ‘Splinter,’ ‘Jacob’s Ladder,’ And More

If you’re looking for scary movies on Hulu, there are several horror films that will fit the bill. Whether you’re in the mood for horror flicks featuring psychotic killers, a mind-blowing story that’s edge-of-your-seat scary, or a nasty little tale of otherworldly parasites, the Hulu movies listed below are all highly-rated among subscribers. So, get your popcorn out, pull your blanket up to your chin, and get ready for a scary night in.

The Collector

An ex-con-turned-handyman, Arkin, portrayed by Josh Stewart, goes to his client’s house to rob them. But another criminal has already broken into the house, and unfortunately for Arkin, he has set a series of deadly traps.

This scary feature marked the directorial debut for screenwriter Marcus Dunstan (Saw 6, Saw 3D), and the direction of the film is sharp, intuitive, and filled with nail-biting suspense from beginning to end. This is one of the more unique home-invasion movies available on Hulu, and if you like that subgenre of horror, then you should get a kick out of The Collector.

Unlike many home-invasion movies, this film does a great job revealing the backstory of the central character. Stewart portrays the reluctant hero masterfully, and it should be no problem for Hulu audiences to root for Arkin to survive. But a hero is only as strong as the story’s villain.

It’s hard to create an original villain in horror movies, but the filmmakers of this scary treat did just that when they created the character of The Collector. His getup is unassuming— he wears all black with a simple, but very creepy, mask — and the fact that he’s athletic, tough, and smart makes him all the more terrifying. It will be hard for Hulu subscribers to predict who will win this gory cat-and-mouse game.

High Tension (Unrated)

This is considered one of the most disturbing movies on Hulu. It’s about two friends, Marie and Alexia, who plan to have a quiet weekend with Alexia’s parents at their secluded home. But then a killer comes knocking at the door; so much for a quiet weekend.

It doesn’t take long for the killer to drive up to the house in his creepy truck, and then the tension begins. The villain kills the father first, and we see what he looks like right away. As he murders the family, only a few notes of music with a slow crescendo can be heard. This near-silence (aside from the screams) adds to the realism of the movie.

This French horror film (dubbed in English) is filled with brutal gore that feels very real. High Tension originally received an NC-17 rating, but it was edited to make it R-rated. But Hulu subscribers can enjoy the unrated version of the film. Though after viewing it, you may wish you had watched the edited version.

A downside to this movie is that it’s not the best dubbing in the world, and the original version with subtitles isn’t available on Hulu, but this works out okay since most of the film offers little dialogue. There’s also an unneeded twist at the end which creates several plot holes. But even with the poor dubbing and the unnecessary plot twist, High Tension is absolutely scary. If you enjoy white-knuckle horror films that are disturbing, then look no further than this Hulu gem.

Halloween H20

If you’re looking for more Hulu movies featuring psychotic killers, horror fans can always count on Michael Myers. Halloween is largely considered one of the best horror movies of all time, and though none of the sequels have matched how scary the original is, this one comes close. Taking place 20 years after Myers first terrorized the quiet town of Haddonfield, the masked killer is back and looking to kill his sister, Jodie, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and her family.

Often called a thrill-ride, this is perhaps the most fun addition to the horror franchise. Though there are moments of comic relief, often provided by LL Cool J’s character, this film is still, at times, very scary. Like other Halloween movies, the famed musical score adds to the edge-of-your-seat suspense. And alongside Curtis and Cool J, Halloween H20 also features an all-star cast: Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams, Janet Leigh, Adam Arkin, and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Jacob’s Ladder

When this film debuted in 1990, both critics and audiences alike couldn’t stop talking about it. IMDb provides the premise for one of the most popular scary movies of the early ’90s.

“New York postal worker Jacob Singer is trying to keep his frayed life from unraveling. His days are increasingly being invaded by flashbacks to his first marriage, his now-dead son, and his tour of duty in Vietnam. Although his new wife tries to help Jacob keep his grip on sanity, the line between reality and delusion is steadily growing more and more uncertain.”

This highly-rated film is one of the best horror movies on Hulu. Tim Robbins gives a chilling performance as Jacob, who starts seeing nightmarish visions that include faceless demons stalking him, and horns protruding out of those around him. Hulu viewers who haven’t seen this film will have a hard time figuring out if Jacob is hallucinating, or experiencing a hellish reality. As Jacob’s nightmare unfolds, so does his backstory. This scary movie builds to an impressive climax with a plot twist that most won’t see coming.


A young couple is taken hostage by another young couple. The foursome then becomes trapped in a gas station as an otherworldly parasite, which transforms its victims into deadly hosts, stalks them.

Splinter is one of the most popular horror flicks on Hulu, and one of the most highly-rated genre movies on the site. The film features sharp wit and dark humor, but with one jump-scare moment after another, it’s still scary. The cast delivers solid performances, and the special effects are very impressive. This is one of those movies that will remind fans that horror flicks can be a lot of fun.

From underrated gems like High Tension to horror classics like Jacob’s Ladder, there are a handful of movies on Hulu for a scary night in.

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