‘RHONJ’ Star Siggy Flicker Bites Back After Being Accused Of Faking Staircase Fall, Provides Proof Of Injury

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Siggy Flicker is clearing the air once and for all by sharing proof of the extent of her injury from that scary staircase fall prior to attending Margaret Josephs’ birthday party, as aired in the RHONJ season finale.

According to All About The Tea, the reality TV star’s injuries from a scary staircase fall at her home is “no joking matter,” despite her being able to attend Margaret’s disco birthday party, which was also aired as a cast round-up on Bravo TV.

Apparently, people — particularly Siggy’s co-stars — are not convinced about the severity of her injuries and accused her of faking it to avoid a confrontation with on-air nemesis, Margaret Josephs, as stated in a Radar Online report, which also tackled why she quit the show.

“Siggy had enough. She doesn’t need the money, so she quit. She and Bravo came to a deal that let her out of her three-year contract a year early,” a source told the outlet at the time.

“She wasn’t going to let the production company destroy her reputation any longer.”

The insider further explained that RHONJ star Siggy Flicker is no longer taking dirt from anyone on the show, especially Margaret who went beyond the line by attacking her daughter.

“No one should attack children. And Margaret did. And that was covered up too by the producers. Siggy didn’t get a fair edit the whole season.”

Now, it seemed like the Real Housewives of New Jersey star wants to clear things up about her staircase fall that has also become a point of contention between her and the Bravo TV show.

After receiving criticism for whining about the injury and being accused of faking it because she was still able to attend the party despite it, Flicker explained that she was forced into attending the show.

Radar Online compiled images to support Siggy’s claims, including snaps of her medical records and exchanges she had with while she was being treated at a nearby hospital for her staircase fall.

One of the messages from Dolores Catania indicated how Danielle Staub was “talking s***” about her. After that, Siggy Flicker told her pal to “tell Danielle to use the bathroom and put another deposit in her shoe.”

The slideshow also included a screenshot of the RHONJ star’s sprained ankle with a huge bump as well as her message of appreciation to her friend, Dolores, for holding the fort.

After watching the show and monitoring updates about her situation on social media, fans took to Twitter to show their support for Siggy, with some expressing their regret that she decided to leave the show, but support her decision because of the situation she was in.

Others expressed their disgust at how Bravo TV and RHONJ producers connived against Siggy Flicker by editing out her fall to make out to be the “bad guy” and gain higher viewership “at her expense.”

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