Margaret Josephs Expresses Disappointment Over Teresa Giudice Leaving With Siggy Flicker

Margaret Josephs is the newest housewife to join The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and it sounds like she’s a strong-headed businesswoman. She doesn’t take things too seriously and she doesn’t like the drama that comes with her co-stars, as she quickly labeled Siggy Flicker as “Soggy Flicker,” and she also compared Siggy’s behavior with Kim D. to Hitler and his selection of people he liked versus those he didn’t. Flicker freaked out and it seemed like she needed a hand to hold the entire season. Luckily, Dolores Catania was there for her, but Siggy was lucky that Teresa Giudice left with her during the season finale as well.

Margaret felt that she and Teresa had created a great friendship and she didn’t feel that Giudice needed to leave the party to support Siggy. Instead, Siggy could have left the party on her own if she really didn’t want to be there. Fans weren’t surprised that Dolores Catania left with her, as they have become best friends. But according to a new tweet, Margaret Josephs is now revealing that she is disappointed that Teresa Giudice decided to walk out and support Siggy, given everything they have been through together. However, it doesn’t sound like Teresa’s decision was enough to end the friendship.

“I was disappointed with Teresa Giudice, but oh well. At this point, that was a waste of an exit… #couchmate #RHONJreunion #RHONJfinale #RHONJ,” Josephs points out.

Perhaps Teresa Giudice felt that Siggy needed more help than Margaret Josephs. Even though Margaret was hosting a party for everyone, Teresa could see that Flicker needed friends to support her. Giudice may not have wanted to pick sides, but Siggy seemed like the more vulnerable of the two. Josephs has expressed her disappointment, but she just seems happy that she won’t have to deal with Flicker anymore. Late last year, Flicker announced she would no longer return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Since she’s not returning, one can imagine Margaret will return. Plus, she can then work on her friendship with Teresa, as these two could have something to talk about now that Teresa has chosen to leave the party.

Margaret Josephs appeared to love her first season of the show. Fans can expect her to return next year along with Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and possibly Danielle Staub. Now that Siggy is leaving, Dolores Catania may do the same.

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