Kylie Jenner In Hiding During Pregnancy, Feeling Insecure Ahead Of Baby Birth With Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner fears being fat-shamed if she was to showcase her baby bump out in public, hence why she has been hiding away in Calabasas, it has been reported.

According to sources, Kylie Jenner, 20, is just over a month away from giving birth to her baby girl, but according to the outlet, fans won’t be getting a glimpse of the reality star’s bump because she’s extremely insecure about her weight.

Having gained a significant amount throughout her pregnancy, insiders tell the publication that Kylie Jenner doesn’t want people criticizing her weight or how big she may look due to the fact that she presents herself in a particular way on social media.

Given that she’s only 20 years of age and has often displayed herself to be a curvy socialite, Kylie feels that if people see her as anything other than the kind of photos she posts online, people will ridicule her and ultimately begin fat-shaming.

Supposedly, when Kim Kardashian was pregnant with North West, Kylie Jenner noticed how the press had treated her sister while she was gearing up to birth her first child and how it ultimately had such a gigantic impact on Kim’s life.

Kylie doesn’t want to be featured in the press with unflattering photos while she’s fat-shamed for having gained weight, because she knows that the images will live on the internet forever, so there’s no chance she is going to show her face in public in the weeks following up to her baby’s due date.

It’s further mentioned by Hollywood Life that Kim Kardashian isn’t easily offended by what the media might say about her outfits, her weight gain, or her choice in the men she dates — but apparently, Kylie Jenner is the complete opposite.

She’s very aware of her public image and wouldn’t want to be portrayed in a light that doesn’t represent who she really is. Kylie Jenner is much more sensitive to stuff concerning her looks, her reputation, and her brand.

Given the fact that Kylie Jenner is paranoid and insecure about her weight gain since finding out she was expecting her first child, sources say that it could be months until fans will start seeing the socialite again.

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