Jenelle Evans Tweets About Bullying And Cardi B: Possibly Sees Herself As A Victim

Jenelle Evans has been acting oddly over the past couple of months. Not only has she started to remove herself from the Teen Mom 2 family, but she has also deleted her social media pages for weeks at a time. It sounds like she’s growing tired of the drama between herself and her fans. Plus, she has revealed that she’s tired of her Teen Mom 2 co-stars being portrayed in a positive light while she’s always been portrayed as someone who has problems. It’s no secret that she has a few hurdles in her marriage, as David Eason has been portrayed as someone who has an abuse problem.

Even though Evans claims he is treating her perfectly, Evans is now revealing that she does feel like a bullying victim. She hinted this on Twitter, as she retweeted several things on her timeline. In addition, Jenelle also felt that perhaps people had too high expectations of her, and she retweeted a message from Cardi B. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans may be sending her followers a message through her retweet. It sounds like she wants people to back off and she wants people to know that she may feel like a bullying victim.

“Why do people look up to me for? Why are people expecting me to have a perfect life? I’m not perfect? Neither is my life stop looking for other people life to look up too,” read a tweet that Jenelle retweeted from Cardi B, while another read, “If someone you know is being bullied, send them a message to make sure they know they’re not alone,” from an anti-bullying account.

It’s very interesting that she’s sending these signals via tweets considering she has filed cease-and-desist letters to her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. She claimed that she wanted them to stop talking about her, even though they hadn’t said anything negative about her for a while. Plus, Jenelle Evans continued to share stories about her co-stars, which always caused some friction on social media. However, it also sounds like Evans wants people to back off, considering she feels they are very judgmental of her. People do have high expectations of her, but she does ask to be treated better.

Jenelle Evans has revealed that she may not have an interest in coming back to Teen Mom 2 unless MTV apologizes and starts showing her in a positive light. It may be a lot to ask, considering Jenelle seems to always have some kind of issue going on with David, her kids, or her mother.

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