[RUMOR] Project Natal launch details revealed

UK games site MCV is claiming to have the first details for the launch of Project Natal, Microsoft’s controller-free Xbox 360 device.

The salient facts are as follows: in Britain, Project Natal will hit stores in November 2010, have 14 games available from launch, and will sell for a sub-£50 ($83) price tag. Apparently, Microsoft will be shipping 5m units globally.

These details reportedly come from a behind-closed-doors Microsoft tour of UK game publishers, and as such are fairly credible. Either way, it’s the first we’ve heard about the Natal launch since the device was unveiled back in June.

Sub-£50 is a smart move – getting Natal as close to an impulse buy as possible will be vital. We’ve already seen what giving Wii Sports away for the low price of free did for the Wii. It could still do with a name change, if you ask me.

Admittedly, I’m still not totally convinced that flailing my limbs around to play games is something I’ll fall in love with, though at least I’ve a whole year to become a convert.

[Via MCV]

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