‘Flip Or Flop Nashville’ Former Couple Page Turner And DeRon Jenkins Turn Neglected Houses Into Dream Homes

Working closely in any business with a spouse or significant other can be difficult at times, and it would seem obvious that former couples would have an even tougher time seeing eye-to-eye in a work environment. Page and DeRon seem to be the exception, and the home-flipping duo recently shared a video on the Flip or Flop Nashville Facebook page where they shared a “fun fact” revealing that although they’re no longer together as a couple, they still work together.

After meeting and briefly dating over 10 years ago, they discovered that being together a couple wasn’t going to work out for them. They did realize that they worked well together and made the smart decision to continue building, selling, and renovating homes together.

“We work off of each other really well,” Page shared on HGTV’s Flip or Flop Nashville page. “I know exactly what makes him tick, he knows exactly what makes me tick and we get all the work done.”

“And we also know what pushes each other’s buttons,” DeRon added.

A former NFL cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens, DeRon decided to renovate the first home he owned, and seven years later, he became a licensed contractor. Page is a real estate agent, and DeRon stated that she is good at networking and finding homes both on and off the market to which they can apply their considerable talents.

“She really knows the heartbeat of the city,” DeRon said. “She’s really good at finding not only the homes on the market but homes that haven’t reached the market yet. She’s done a really good of networking and finding those little niches where we can get those great homes.”

The Futon Critic shared that on this season premiere, Page surprises DeRon with the purchase of a 1960’s style ranch home that is partially renovated and is located in a desirable neighborhood. After the purchase, they completely renovate the home inside and out. To turn a nice profit, they decide that the house must have a modern kitchen and a large master suite that most of today’s homeowners desire and expect to see in newly remodeled homes.

There are eight episodes scheduled, and fans can view exclusive before and after photos of each project at HGTV’s Flip or Flop Nashville page or through #FlipOrFlopNashville on social media. To watch Page and DeRon in action, the series premieres on Thursday, January 18 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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