‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’ News: Rapper Gunplay Accused Of Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

Rapper Gunplay had a lot riding on his return to Miami. He vowed to stay out of trouble, but that didn’t seem to last long. Now, it looks like the Love & Hip HopMiami star will be dealing with even more legal problems.

On January 1, Gunplay and his current girlfriend went out for a night of fun and ended up at the Miami strip club called The Office. It also happens to be the same strip club where his ex-girlfriend, Aneka Johnston, works, according to The Blast.

The Shade Room reports that the Love & Hip Hop Miami star started arguing with his ex inside the club while she was still on her shift. After her shift was over around 3 a.m., Gunplay was reportedly waiting for her outside the club where the argument began again. That’s when she says he attacked her, headbutting her and causing several injuries.

After the altercation, Aneka Johnston drove herself to the hospital for treatment. According to reports, she was treated for multiple bruises to her face and neck, as well as a scratched cornea. Soon after, she filed a police report.

Over the past week and a half following the alleged assault, police have completed their investigation into the alleged assault. Now, it’s up to the Florida State Attorney’s Office and Aneka Johnston to press charges against the Love & Hip Hop Miami star for misdemeanor battery.

Since the news of Gunplay’s alleged assault, Aneka Johnston took to Facebook to talk about the incident. She wrote, “hmm if you get head butt by your ex would you press charges?” In messages under the initial post, she continued, “Is it love if he leaves you bleeding? Is abuse a new way to say I love you?”

To be perfectly honest, it probably isn’t love to bring your current girlfriend to the strip club where your ex-girlfriend works. Then again, Gunplay hasn’t been making a lot of great decisions in the short time Love & Hip Hop Miami has been on the air.

In the premiere episode, when VH1 is still introducing the cast, Gunplay introduces his girlfriend. In their scene, she is very hesitant about his return to Miami because of the trouble he’s been in before. It didn’t take long for Gunplay to prove it was a bad idea to move back when he immediately got cozy with another ex-girlfriend and told her that not only did he miss her but that she still had a piece of his heart.

With Gunplay getting into more legal trouble literally on the same day that Love & Hip Hop Miami premiered on VH1, he may not be around long. Much like fan favorite Scrapp DeLeon from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Gunplay’s legal problems might force him to make an early exit from the show. Then again, this time around he’s looking at misdemeanor charges while Scrapp was looking at several felonies. Now, the big question is, will Aneka Johnston press charges?

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