Maci Bookout Faces Tough Questions About Ryan Edwards’ Parents: Is She Still Keeping Bentley From Them?

Maci Bookout doesn’t talk about her personal issues on Teen Mom OG, as she wants them to remain private. While she opens up about her business deals, she had never talked about Ryan Edwards’ drug problems on social media. On Teen Mom OG, Bookout revealed she was scared and emotional about his problems, as it was affecting their co-parenting relationship for Bentley. As it turns out, Maci doesn’t want to let Bentley see Ryan as long as he’s using, so she has requested that he get clean before he sees his son. As it turns out, this is affecting Ryan’s parents, and they have lashed out at her on Teen Mom OG. Maci’s followers feel it’s unfair for her to keep Bentley from his grandparents. This week, Bookout announced she was feeling sick with the flu, and while many fans wished her the best, others pointed to the plot on Teen Mom OG. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout is now facing some tough questions about her parenting of Bentley.

“I hope you get better. Watching the show and wondering why you can’t just reach out to Ryan’s parents? Let them take your son to dinner at least!” one fan wrote to Maci to a tweet about her being sick.

Of course, Maci Bookout doesn’t have to explain her decisions regarding her son not seeing his grandparents. Perhaps Maci knows more about Ryan’s drug use and his parents’ role in everything than Teen Mom OG users have seen on his show. For years, fans have suspected that Ryan was using something, as he would often daze in and out while filming. It wasn’t until last year when he was passing out behind the wheel that fans and producers got very concerned. As it turns out, Maci saw the footage and probably felt scared for her son, who is often driving with Ryan. She has demanded that he take a drug test before seeing Bentley. Sadly, her decision is also affecting his parents, as they have cried over not seeing Bentley as often as they wish.

Maci Bookout is currently focusing on her own business with her husband, Taylor McKinney. It sounds like Ryan Edwards’ drug problem is taking a backseat to her own life.

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