Brad Pitt Sends Vague Tweet To China: ‘Yup, I’m Coming’

Beijing, CHINA – Brad Pittappears to have made his social media debut, though it’s not where you might expect.

Rather than open a Twitter account or Facebook page, the Fight Club actor has suddenly appeared on Sina Weibo, China’s own version of Twitter.

The strangeness doesn’t stop there, with the actor’s first and only message proving as baffling as anything Pitt said in that terrible Chanel advert:

“It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming.”

The message was forwarded more than 31,000 times and attracted 14,000 comments before it was deleted. Pitt’s Sina Weibo account has already picked up than 100,000 followers, notes the Daily Mail.

So what did Pitt’s vague missive actually mean? Most obviously, it suggests Pitt will be visiting China some time soon, though as IMDb points out, the star is banned from entering China because of his role in the 1997 film Seven Years in Tibet (the Chinese government wasn’t sold on the film’s portrayal of harsh Chinese rule in Tibet).

Some have suggested a visit could be a part of Pitt’s new role as Chanel’s (cringe) “Brand Ambassador”, though that still doesn’t overcome the whole not-being-allowed-in-the-country issue.

And it could, of course, be a fake Brad, though Sina Weibo did officially verify the account:

Even though Pitt might be banned, it’s possible the Chinese government will lift the ban. Seven Years in Tibet director Jean-Jacques Annaud was also banned from China, but was allowed back in 2012 to chair the jury at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

What do you think lies at the bottom of this Pitt mystery, readers?

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