Duggar Family Fans Freak Out As Jill Duggar Wears Tight Pants To Speak To Young Women About Relationships

The tighter Jill Duggar’s pants get, the more attention her outfits seem to attract. However, some fans of the Duggar family aren’t exactly celebrating the former Counting On star’s decision to shake up her “modern modest” wardrobe by wearing skinny jeans. They fear that Jill’s clothing choices are becoming a distraction that is shifting the focus away from her faith and onto a frivolous, worldly obsession with fashion.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, Derick Dillard recently shared an Instagram photo of Jill Duggar speaking in front of an audience of young women. In the snapshot, Jill is wearing a pair of tight pants that appear to be skinny jeans or leggings. She paired her dark pants with a loose-fitting pink shirt, a baggy cardigan, and a pair of brown combat-style boots. According to Derick, his wife was at an unnamed school delivering a speech about Christian relationships.

“My beautiful wife speaking to a group of young ladies at a school today about God-centered relationships! So proud of her! #relationships #ChristCentered,” he captioned the photo.

Most responses to the photo of Jill Duggar had nothing to do with the Duggar daughter’s speech or her chosen topic of discussion. Instead, Derick’s followers flooded his post with comments about his wife’s outfit.

“I literally just choked on air in excitement when I saw Jill in pants. So nice to see the girls having more freedom and choice in the clothing they wear,” wrote one fan.

“Rocking those jeans! Slay, mama!” another commented.

Other Duggar family admirers weighed in to express their disappointment with the large number of Derick’s followers who only praised Jill for wearing pants. They chastised their fellow fans for ignoring what they believed was the true point of Derick’s post.

“And all folks can see are pants. I say way to go Jill sharing what the Lord has laid on your heart with young women,” remarked one fan.

“People are too consumed with ‘pants’ comments. Pants or skirts, you are preaching God’s word which is WHAT matters. Its so funny how hypocritical society is,” another wrote.

A handful of commenters also criticized Derick Dillard for giving his wife permission to wear pants.

“I’m really shocked you allow her to wear manly garments.”

Some of Derick’s followers pushed back against the pants-shaming fans by arguing that the Duggar family has never said that they believe God has a problem with women wearing skinny jeans. However, this isn’t true. In the book A Love That Multiplies, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar explained why all female members of the family used to avoid wearing pants like the plague.

“The girls have a personal conviction about wearing dresses based on Deuteronomy 22:5: ‘The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment.’ Our girls choose skirts and dresses that are about midcalf when they are standing so their knees will be covered when they’re sitting.”

However, Jim Bob and Michelle have also said that their daughters are allowed to make their own decisions about how they dress after they get married and start families of their own. It seems as though Jill and Jinger Duggar’s personal convictions drastically changed after they moved out of their parents’ home.

Some fans of the Duggar family believe that there’s a fashion rivalry brewing between Jill and Jinger. Jill started wearing skinny jeans soon after her younger sister did, but she’s currently winning the Duggar style stakes; she made fans lose their minds by becoming the first Duggar daughter to get her nose pierced. Jinger can rock all the ripped skinny jeans she wants, but it will be hard for her to ever top her older sister’s rebellious jewelry.

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