Melania Trump Has ‘Scandalous Secret,’ Alleges New Report

A report that surfaced today claiming Melania Trump has a “scandalous secret” has many people intrigued.

Cheatsheet is claiming that Melania’s “seemingly perfect life” has a few secrets and one of them is an estranged brother who is her father’s “love child.” Melania’s half-brother is not exactly a secret, though, at least among those who have followed her life closely; this was something the public learned early on when Melania was first put in the spotlight as the nation’s possible first lady while Trump was on the campaign trail.

Melania’s half-brother’s name is Denis Cigelnjak, and he is the child of a girl that Melania’s father dated over 50 years ago, long before Melania’s mother was in the picture. Melania has always asked respect for her parents’ privacy and does not talk about her half-brother — an older brother whom she has never met — publicly.

Melania and her family are very private. She has a sister who is also her best friend, but she very seldom talks about Ines Knauss, reports CNN News. Melania’s sister lives right around the corner from her at Trump Tower in Manhattan in another Trump-owned building. The two did spend a lot of time together when Melania lived in New York.

Melania’s parents are seldom seen but almost always there, as they too live near Melania in Trump Tower. They are often with Melania, but they stay out of the limelight. They were both at Trump’s inauguration, but you had to look hard for them in pictures as barely any media outlet pointed them out as they were standing behind Melania in the crowd.

Melania’s parents are often visiting with Melania and Barron in the White House as well, but again, her family is made up of very private people and it is not something they divulge. According to Cheatsheet, even Melania’s father has never met his son, although he paid child support to his son’s mother until he was 18 years old.

They also report that Cigelnjak, who is now 52, has never wanted to disturb the Knavs family and has never reached out to them. However, he did express that he does want to meet his two sisters. He reportedly said this during an interview with GQ Magazine.

Melania Trump’s parents walk across the White House lawn after getting off the Marine One helicopter.

Julia Ioffe, who interviewed Melania’s brother for GQ Magazine, reported that when Melania “was first asked about her brother she denied him.” But when Ioffe sent over court documents to Melania, she wrote Ioffe back and said she has been aware of him for years, which is what Cheatsheet reports. As far as Ioffe could tell, she didn’t express any interest in meeting him.

This all came about when Melania was suddenly thrust into the spotlight with her husband running for president. With Melania becoming so famous during that time, the floodgates opened and the media wanted to know all there is to know about the prospective first lady. Melania told Ioffe that she wanted her father’s privacy respected.

When Julia Ioffe interviewed Melania’s brother for GQ Magazine, she learned that he would like to meet his sisters. It is not known if he ever did get to meet them or not, but again Melania’s family keeps things private.

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