‘The Bachelor’ News: Chelsea Roy’s History With Her Ex Revealed, Including Physical Altercation

This season of The Bachelor with Arie Luyendyk Jr. has just started, and Chelsea Roy is already being considered a villain this season. In Touch Weekly revealed some details about her past that are a bit surprising. Chelsea has already told Arie that she is a mom.

It turns out that things between Chelsea and her ex were pretty bad at one point. In Touch Weekly was able to get the court dockets, and back in February of 2016, things were pretty bad between them at one point. She was even granted a temporary protective order against Michael Wilson, who is the father of her son. She claimed that he got physical with her during an argument. The court dockets also say he had a “history of verbal abuse, intimidation, and bullying.” This protective order was later dismissed.

Chelsea Roy and Michael Wilson never got married, but these two were engaged at one point. A source close to Chelsea says things didn’t end well between them and that they are still at odds. If Arie ends up with Chelsea, he might have to deal with someone who potentially won’t be much fun to deal with, which can make things hard in any relationship. He made it clear that he doesn’t mind the idea that she has a son, though.

Chelsea and Michael actually shared custody of their son until she went to film The Bachelor and then he was the one watching him. He went to court to get child support changed since he had him full-time for a bit. He wanted to “be relieved of his obligation to pay support.” This sounds similar to Amanda Stanton’s situation, where they argued a bit when she was gone all the time filming reality shows. Chelsea could end up being like Amanda and added to other shows in the franchise in the future if Arie doesn’t pick her in the end.

Don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor with Arie Luyendyk Jr. on Monday nights on ABC. So far, Chelsea Roy seems to be doing well and sticking around for a bit.

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