Backstage News On Bubba Ray Dudley Appearing On WWE ‘Raw 25’ Despite Competing For ROH

Over the past few days, there have been many other names scheduled to appear at the 25th Anniversary of Raw. It is clear that WWE is reaching deep in the nostalgia bag to give the fans a night to remember. To add to the nostalgia, WWE is holding the event at two different venues, the Barclays Center and Manhattan Center. Although WWE has held its events at the Barclays Center over the past number of years, specifically SummerSlam, the Manhattan Center is where it all started.

On the premiere episode, the opening match was Yokozuna squashing Koko B. Ware. Interestingly, both of these competitors are now WWE Hall of Famers. The Steiner Brothers would also compete on this show, defeating The Executioners. In fact, there were other people on that card who would become stars of the business years later.

One half of the Executioners, Duane Gill, would later become one of the funniest parodies in pro wrestling history, Gillberg, and also win the Light Heavyweight Championship. As aforementioned, despite being squashed by Yokozuna, WWE deemed Koko B. Ware as having a resume fitting for a Hall of Fame ballot.

On the past Raw and SmackDown Live shows, WWE announced plenty of old-school names who are scheduled to appear at the match. Two of those names are former multi-time tag team champions, The Dudley Boyz.

Currently, D-Von Dudley is a backstage employee of WWE. Bubba Ray, however, is competing for the Ring of Honor promotion, which could be an issue with him going back to WWE for the show. However, according to PWInsider, it is not.

Per the report, the feeling from ROH is that Bubba Ray appearing on Raw will, in fact, help their company, as it could cause them to gain even more exposure. As a result, ROH is looking at this appearance from more of a positive perspective, instead of a conflicting one.

It will be interesting to see how WWE books the Dudley Boyz for their appearance on Raw 25, since they were last seen getting beat down and extinguished by the team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows on the Raw following SummerSlam in 2016.