The Tesla Model S P100D Just Became The Fastest Bulletproof Car In The World

The Tesla Model S P100D is one of the fastest cars on the road today, bar none. With its powerful twin electric motors, the full sized electric sedan is capable of hitting 60 mph in an insane 2.4 seconds. It is also incredibly safe, getting high ratings for road safety and stellar crash ratings from regulators. Just recently, however, an American armoring firm took the P100D a step further, transforming it into the fastest bulletproof car in the world.

Thanks to the efforts of International Armoring Corporation’s lightweight division, Armormax, there now exists a Model S P100D that is not only wickedly fast, it’s also unbelievably strong. What’s particularly unique about Armormax’s recent project was the fact that they were able to fit bulletproof panels on the entire body of the Tesla Model S P100D without compromising the weight of the vehicle.

Overall, Armormax’s modification only added 550 pounds of extra weight on the electric car, which, in a lot of ways, does not really affect the performance of the powerhouse EV that much, as noted in a CleanTechnica report. The Utah-based armoring firm further stated that the lightweight armor equipped on the Model S P100D was made from Armormax’s proprietary synthetic fiber laminate, which all but ensured that the weight of the electric car does not get compromised. While no ballistic steel was used, the American firm stated that the Model S’ armor should be able to survive shots from high-powered rifles and handguns.

What is particularly great about Armormax’s Model S P100D is the fact that its armor is completely invisible from the outside. Looking at the vehicle, it looks just like any other Tesla Model S P100D on the streets. This enables the EV to blend perfectly with other cars on the road, keeping its passengers even safer. Inside, however, Armormax’s panels are visible, which all but proves that when it comes to protecting its passengers, this Tesla Model S P100D is all business.

Armormax revealed that the vehicle had been ordered by a businessman from the Middle East. The identity of the Model S P100D’s buyer was not disclosed by the American armoring firm. Considering the capabilities of the vehicle and its armor, however, whoever receives the electric car could be comfortable in the notion that they can not only survive an attack, they can probably outrun their assailants easily, as well.

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