Oprah’s Estate ‘Caught In Deadly Mudslides’ — Video Shows Oprah Up To Her Knees In Mud

There’s a lot of chatter about Oprah and houses these days with rumors of the White House possibly being in the future for the queen of talk shows, but it is the house she lives in presently that has her focus today. Oprah’s Montecito estate is in the mudslide area where a deadly mixture of mud, water, and debris have impacted her property as well as the property of her neighbors.

According to Page Six, the 65-acre estate owned by Oprah Winfrey is in the community of Santa Barbara. Oprah posted a video on her Instagram account that shows fires raging nearby her home from the gas pipes running through the area and now damaged in the mudslides.

Oprah isn’t mentioning the buzz going on about possibly making a run for the White House today, she is asking for prayers. Page Six is reporting “Oprah’s Montecito estate is caught in deadly mudslides” and from what the video shows, she looks as if the property is mud and debris soaked. But Oprah said her house is “fine,” with only minor damage in comparison to what her neighbors have suffered.

The caption of Oprah’s first video below reads — “Praying for our community again in Santa Barbara … Helicopters rescuing my neighbors. Looking for missing persons. 13 lives lost.” Oprah also posted a second video in which she is seen attempting to make her way through the mud, which rises just below her knees in one shot captured on the video.

While it looks as if Oprah is standing in devastation in the second video below, she did say her house is “fine.” It is her estate property that is covered with mud and she does report some “minor damage,” which she says “pales in comparison” to what her neighbors have gone through.

As the camera pans the area Oprah is overheard saying “the house in the back is gone.” The videos that Oprah posted to Instagram can be seen below. The first one shows the fires and the second one is of Oprah herself attempting to navigate through the mud.

According to Vogue, it was in 2001 when Oprah purchased her home and because of its lush landscape she soon dubbed it the “Promised Land.” The beautiful setting has been featured in books and on television. She calls the 12 special oak trees on the property the “Apostles.”

Below Oprah is seen in the video walking through the mud-covered area with debris scattered everywhere. Notice how deep Oprah is in that mud when the camera pans out at one point. As of noon on Wednesday Fox News is reporting 15 people are dead and many others are still missing after the mudslides paralyzed this community.

Oprah might be one of the more famous faces whose home is in peril but she is among other celebrities suffering through this mudslide. Gigi and Bella Hadid shared photos of Montecito on their Instagram page, which is mud-soaked and submerged in water. Their prayers also went out to the friends in the hospital and their family members who are still missing.

This is the same community that was battered with the wildfires being referred to as the “Thomas Fire.” Fifty people were airlifted by helicopter from the area this week, with reports of about 25 injuries due to the mudslides. You can see Bella Hadid’s photo of the town underwater in the picture from Instagram below.

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