Ivanka Trump Teases Fans That She Is Pregnant With Baby No 4 Amid Twitter Backlash

Ivanka Trump might be pregnant with baby No. 4. Ivanka recently shared a photo on social media of her rubbing what looks like a baby bump, sparking rumors of another pregnancy for Donald Trump’s daughter. Is Ivanka expecting another child with husband Jared Kushner?

Ivanka Teases Pregnancy

According to People Magazine, Ivanka shared the baby bump photo on her husband’s birthday. In the pic, Ivanka is shown rubbing her belly, which left all of her fans confused. Although some fans thought the pic was confirmation that another baby is on the way, the photo was an older one.

The pic was taken back in 2016 when Ivanka was pregnant with her third child, Theodore. Sadly, it looks like Ivanka is not having another baby with Kushner, at least not yet.

Ivanka Has Faked Pregnancy News In The Past

Ivanka openly has teased a fourth pregnancy in the past. In the spring of 2016, Ivanka shared a video on YouTube titled “Baby #4.” She had just given birth to Theodore at the time of the video, and many fans thought she was already expecting another kid.

Instead, Ivanka was just using the title to get people to watch the video, in which she promoted her new book, Women Who Work. Ivanka and Kushner have been married since the fall of 2009. They share three children together: Arabella, 6; Joseph, 4; and Theodore, 3.

“Hi, everyone. So, last year, I shared some pretty exciting news with you that I was pregnant with Baby No. 3, little baby Theodore. And today, I’ve got some amazing news to share with you as well,” Ivanka said in the clip. “Ok, so I’m not pregnant with baby No. 4. But, I do have another exciting project in the works, and it’s also a labor of love. It’s a book called Women Who Work, it’s coming out in the spring of 2017!”

Twitter Reacts To Ivanka’s Oprah Comments

Apart from the baby bump photo, Ivanka also made headlines this week after her comments about Oprah. According to Cosmopolitan, Ivanka took to Twitter after watching Oprah’s inspiring speech at the Golden Globes, asking women around the world to unite in a common cause. Although Ivanka probably had good intentions, her comments did not sit well with some of her followers, especially in light of Donald Trump’s history with women.

As fans will recall, Donald was hit with a number of different sexual misconduct allegations during his run for the presidency. He has also made headlines for attacking several women on social media over the past few years and doesn’t have a good track record with the feminist movement.

Considering Donald’s actions, some people felt as though Ivanka Trump shouldn’t have commented on Oprah’s speech and instead should be looking at ways to change the way women are treated within her father’s administration.

Ivanka has not commented on her baby bump photo or the public backlash.

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