Matt Lauer Is ‘As Good As He Can Be,’ Says Willie Geist

Matt Lauer turned 60 on December 30, but he apparently had a very quiet day. No one heard of any large, extravagant dinner party for Lauer on his special day, and the media didn’t report on one.

Lauer’s old colleague, Willie Geist, told Page Six that he had been texting with Lauer and gave the outlet an update on his friend, who is said to be handling things to the best of his ability given the current circumstances.

Since being accused of sexual misconduct on multiple counts, Lauer’s life has been turned upside down. He was fired by NBC and no long co-hosts Today, a show on which he had been a staple for several years. Things with his wife, Annette Roque, are thought to be tense, and there have been plenty of divorce rumors circulating since this scandal came to light.

The focus for Lauer seems to be on his wife and his kids, with sources telling the outlet that Lauer is “fighting” to save his 20-year marriage. Geist didn’t give Page Six too much to go on, but it certainly sounds like Lauer is having a really tough time.

“I’ve texted with him just on a personal level. It was his birthday the other day, his 60th birthday… [He is] as good as he can be. He’s sort of reconnecting with his family and figuring everything out,” Geist told the outlet.

Roque has not spoken out publicly about the claims made against her husband. She has also not filed for divorce or made any kind of play that suggests that she will. Both she and Lauer have been spotted without their wedding rings, but the current status of their relationship is unclear.

What is clear is that no one is trying to sugarcoat how difficult things are for Lauer. Not long ago, he was on top of the world. Now, it seems as though the world has fallen on him. It was a tough holiday season, and the way it sounds, things aren’t going to get any easier, especially if Roque ends up filing for divorce. She and Lauer have three children together, all of whom have undoubtedly been affected by this scandal.

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