Jeremy Calvert Slammed For Only Spending A Few Hours With Adalynn Before Partying With Friends

Jeremy Calvert is no longer a major part of Teen Mom 2, as he and Leah Messer are no longer married. Jeremy and Leah continue to co-parent little Adalynn, but she is staying with Leah the majority of the time as Jeremy works far away from home and ends up spending months away from his daughter at a time. Leah has called his work toxic because of the amount of time he spends away from his child, but Messer and his former fiancee, Brooke Wehr, have both accepted his dedication to his work. Whenever Jeremy is home, he often shares photos of Adalynn as he’s excited to see his little girl.

As it turns out, Calvert was just home recently and fans quickly picked up on the fact that he wasn’t spending all of his time with his daughter. He also managed to squeeze in some time with his friends, including a pregame party at a friend’s house. Of course, it didn’t take long for people to lash out at him, judging him for leaving Adalynn with his own parents. According to a new Instagram post, Jeremy Calvert hasn’t responded to the haters, but it sounds like he doesn’t mind leaving Adalynn with her grandparents for a while as he parties with friends.

“Love how you spent like, what, 24 hours with your daughter before passing her back off to her Mom. After all the time you spend whining about how much you miss her. You’re a phony. Enjoy your time off. Way to turn 29 and still have the priorities of a teenager. Loser,” one person wrote on Jeremy’s Instagram photo, where he thanked one of his friends for hosting a pregame get-together.

Perhaps Jeremy Calvert just wanted to say thanks to his friend for hosting a pregame party while he was home, so he could spend time with his friends as well. It’s no secret that he does work far away for weeks or months at a time, so when he’s home, he also wants to see his friends. Since no one really knows his schedule, it’s possible that Adalynn was actually at the pregame, playing with other people’s children. Simply because she wasn’t in the photo doesn’t mean she wasn’t there. Plus, Messer hasn’t commented on Jeremy’s decision to hang out with his friends, suggesting that he may have dropped off Adalynn at his parents’ house so he could party.

Jeremy Calvert is currently busy working out of state, so one can imagine that he doesn’t have time to film Teen Mom 2 with his daughter or Leah Messer.

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