How You Can Drive A Tesla Model 3 As Soon As Today

Tesla Model 3 delivery has been delayed again, the company announced last week. That sounds bad news for the customers who have been waiting for their orders to be delivered so they can experience the “electric vehicle revolution.” If you are one of them, there’s a quick way you can get on a Model 3 EV—rent one on Turo.

Only about 1,000 Tesla Model 3 cars are coming out of the Tesla factory every week according to latest estimates, as reported by the Washington Post. That is way lower than the 5,000 per week delivery that CEO Elon Musk has targeted. Tesla said it would be able to hit that production level by the end of June while it said it is expecting to produce 2,500 units a week of its mass-market electric car by the end of March, per Chicago Tribune.

Tesla has no public test drives for the Model 3s yet, and it does not have units in showrooms, either. But there’s a fast way you can test the vehicle now. Car sharing services such as Turo, which is also known as the “Airbnb for cars,” are renting out the Tesla Model 3. The San Francisco-based company said there are at least six Model 3s available for rent in Virginia, Colorado, Florida, and California. By the end of January, up to 20 Model 3 units will be available for peer-to-peer car sharing, according to Steve Webb, the director of communication at Turo. There are also 116 Turo members who have signed up to rent their Tesla Model 3 once they are delivered to them.

Interested individuals can experience driving a Tesla Model 3 via Turo for $196 to $990 a day, given the car’s rarity and high demand. Tesla delivered only 1,770 Model 3s in 2017 since the first ones came out in July. There are also several Tesla Model S and Model X available on Turo, which can be rented out for $100 to $200 a day.

Elon Musk also sees the benefit of car sharing so that car owners can earn from this asset that depreciates over time. In fact, he plans to establish a Tesla Network, a fleet of autonomous Tesla cars that will be available for ride-sharing. Other automotive companies such as General Motors and BMW have existing similar ride-sharing programs.

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